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Black Clover Chapter 252 Spoilers and Raw Scans Leaked

It’s a new week for Black Clover fans and as expected, Black Clover Chapter 252 raw scans and spoilers have been leaked online. In the previous chapters, we have seen how the heroes easily defeated the mages of the Dark Triad, however, it seems that chaos is yet to begin.

We have witnessed how Charmy and the others defeated the enemies and when they lower their guard, a strong enemy appears in front of them. In Chapter 251, Vanica arrives while showcasing her dark magic by reviving all the fallen mages. Everyone quickly put their guard up as the enemy seems to be stronger than before. Will they be able the revived mages? Let’s find out in the new chapter of Black Clover manga.

Black Clover Chapter 252 Spoilers

As seen in the leaked spoilers on Reddit, Noelle will be making a full blast to fight the enemy. The previous chapter revealed that the enemies will keep on reviving until the Vanica is taken down. Vanica is on a different level and currently, it seems that Noelle will be facing on her.

The leaked Black Clover 252 raw scans suggest that Noelle will be making a transformation. Noelle attacked Vanica with her dragon magic while on her mermaid form. Apart from that, it seems that Lolopechka has access to any details that she wants from people caught on her water.

Developing story…

Black Clover Chapter 252 Release Date

Knowing that we already got the spoilers for the upcoming chapter, it’s safe to say that Black Clover Chapter 252 will be released on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Make sure to come back later for more Black Clover 252 spoilers.

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