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Black Clover Chapter 254 Spoilers, Release Date: Eternal Prison vs Venica

The fight continues in Black Clover and it seems that it is finally getting to its conclusion. Lolopechka and Noelle are still fighting Vanica to stop her madness. With the epic scene in the previous chapter, fans should now ready to read Black Clover Chapter 254.

Black Clover Chapter 254 Spoilers and Release Date

In this manga guide, we will be sharing you all the important details that we know about the upcoming chapter of Black Clover manga series.

Chapter 253 Recap

After Noelle’s transformation, she immediately takes on Vanica by unleashing her upgraded power and magic. However, it seems that the enemy is still far way better than her.

Despite her power upgrade, Vanica also steadily increased her power to defend himself. Even with the Undine’s power effect, Vanica still managed to handle the situation by steadily increasing her devil’s magic power.

The fight between Noelle and Lolopechka is getting to its conclusion and with the magic spell that Nero uses, it seems that Vanica founds herself in a dire situation. Will the enemy be able to handle the Eternal Prison spell?

Chapter 254 Spoilers

The sealing spell that Nero uses against Vanica may not be able to stop her but we should all remember that it is one of the most powerful spells. There’s a chance that it will be destroyed especially now that Magicula interfered.

In the next Chapter, I don’t see Noelle and Lolopechka winning as the only way to help them survive is a miracle. Meanwhile, there’s also a chance that we could be seeing Asta once again in the next chapter.

Chapter 254 Release Date

You can read the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 254 on Sunday, June 21st from the official distributors. Currently, you can read the manga series on Manga Plus and Viz Media. These two sources are offering free access to the last three latest chapters of the manga.

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