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Black Clover Chapter 259 Recap, Summary, and Wiki

Raging Cow’s Unison is the 259th chapter of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga series which was released on August 3, 2020.

Black Clover Chapter 259 Summary

The fight continues between Asta and Yami against the overpowered Dante. Chapter 259 starts with Asta as the devil’s power already taken over his right arm. Asta was told that he only has 50 seconds for his body to handle the power but Asta replied that it was enough time.

Asta attacks Dante and it seems that it managed to inflict the enemy. Dante becomes alert to Asta’s attack as it has an anti-magic power. Yami said that if Asta managed to make a clean hit, they can win against Dante.

Black Clover

With the performance that Asta shows, Yami also continues doing his best to fight the villain. Their attacks become synchronized and it seems that they are enjoying the fight.

The time limit of Asta’s power is getting close. With only 8 seconds remaining, Asta used his Demon-Dweller and immediately swapped it with the Demon-Destroyer. They managed to destroy Dante’s body but with only three seconds left, Dante told that he was immortal.

They are now in a desperate situation, Yami passed his katana to Asta’s right hand. Before the timer reaches zero, Asta used Yami’s katana to slash Dante. Surprisingly, it seems that it works as Dante falls down.

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