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Black Clover Chapter 269 Spoilers, Release Date: Devil’s True Intent

Black Clover Chapter 269 is just around the corner, and Black Clover manga fans can no longer contain their excitement for the next chapter.

With the release of the previous manga chapter, fans have learned the back story of the devil inside Asta’s body.

Black Clover

Black Clover Previous Chapter Recap

The last chapter didn’t show any action and progress for Asta’s training. Instead, we got to see the back story of the Asta’s devil. In Chapter 268, it has been revealed that the young devil didn’t possess any magic.

He, being a magic-less devil, was being bullied by the other devils. One day, the kid devil was thrown out of the underworld and given that he doesn’t have magic, he went right through the barrier and found himself in the human world.

There, the devil meets Licita, who took him in after being chased by the humans who are scared of him. Licita’s magic is unique, she can absorb the energy of any living around him. And because of her magic, she decides to live alone.

The two had a good time until Lucifero appeared, trying to overtake the devil’s body. To save the devil, Licita decides to seal him to the Black Grimoire with a five-leaf clover. Her action results in her death, which triggers the young devil to have revenge against Lucifero and the other devils.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date

As of writing, there is no announcement for any schedule changes for the next chapter of Black Clover manga. That being said, expect to read the 269th chapter of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover series on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

You can read the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 269 online from the official distributors such as Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media. Apart from the next chapter, you can also read all the previously released chapters of the manga series from these sources.

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