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‘One Piece’ Reveals When and How Gecko Moria Acquired Ryuma and Shusui

The latest chapter of One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda has finally answered the question of how the pirate Gecko Moria acquired Ryuma and turned him into a zombie.

Ryuma is a legendary samurai from the Wano Country who also wielded Shusui, one of the famous swords in One Piece. He was introduced in the Thriller Bark Arc as one of the General Zombies by Gecko Moria.

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During the Thriller Bark Arc, Ryuma faced Roronoa Zoro in a 1-on-1 sword match where he was defeated. Ryuma acknowledged Zoro’s talent and skills and decides to hand over Shusui to the Straw Hat’s swordsman.

Many fans are wondering how the Thriller Bark Pirates and a former Shichibukai, Gecko Moria, got Ryuma. Fortunately, we already got the answer to how and when it happened.

According to the latest One Piece Chapter 969, Gecko Moria and his crew had a fight with Yonko Kaido and the Beasts Pirates. The battle between the two pirate crew happened a few years after Kozuki Oden returns to Wano Country after his journey with Roger.

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The outcome of the battle between the Thriller Bark Pirates and the Beasts is not revealed but it does confirm that Gecko Moria stole Ryuma’s grave in Wano Country. The legendary katana, Shusui, was in Ryuma’s grave which is the reason why it was also taken out of the country.

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