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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 210 Spoilers, Release Date: Takemichi Meets Draken

After the arrival of Takemichi in the past once again, the main protagonist has a new mission – to save his friend Mikey. But how is he going to do it knowing that the Tokyo Manji Gang has been dissolved?

Chapter 209 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series continues the story of Takemichi traveling back to the past. Unlike his previous mission, Takemichi’s goal is to save Mikey. The new chapter features the progress of the former members of the Tokyo Manji Gang after Mikey disbanded the group.

Familiar faces have returned, including Hakkai Shiba, Haruki Hayashida, also known as Pah-chin, Takashi Mitsuya, and Ryohei Hayashi, also known as Peyan. Unexpectedly, the former members of the group reunited after Hakkai invited Takemichi and Chifuyu to go somewhere.

Takemichi was surprised and happy, but at the same time, he didn’t want to invite them to face Mikey knowing that they had already progressed and started growing. Takemichi knows what will happen to them in the future and he doesn’t want to change the good future that they have attained in life.

Tokyo Revenger’s protagonist didn’t have many options left but to face Mikey alone. However, it seems that someone is about to join him as one of the former members of the Tokyo Manji Gang reached him.

Chapter 210 Predictions

As seen in the last spread of the manga chapter, Ken Ryuguji also known as Draken, and the former vice-captain of the gang, called Takemichi. The cliffhanger surely suggests that Draken is up to something and given that he is Mikey’s friend, there’s a chance that he called Takemichi to discuss something related to the former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

In the upcoming Chapter 210 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, Takemichi will be meeting Draken and we might be seeing some answers to how Takemichi will face Mikey.

Chapter 210 Release Date

As of the moment, there is no announcement for any delay of the next manga chapter of Tokyo Revengers. That being said, it is safe to assume that the Tokyo Revengers manga series will be released on its regular schedule.

Just like the other popular manga series like One Piece and Dr. Stone, Tokyo Revengers is getting a new chapter every week. To be exact, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 210 will be available on June 16, 2021, Wednesday.

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