Black Clover Asta Devil Union

Black Clover Manga Teases Asta’s First Devil Union

Black Clover Chapter 281 has officially been released on Viz and Manga Plus. Manga enthusiasts can now check these websites and see Asta’s return in the manga series. While everyone wants to see the continuation of the fight against the Dark Triad, Black Clover author Yuki Tabata has decided to shift the events going back to the main character of the series.

In the latest chapter of Black Clover manga, we have seen the coverage of the fight against the giant devil in the Clover Kingdom. The Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom tried to stop the devil but they are still overpowered by it.

Things are about to get uncontrolled and the civilians are already panicking but Wizard King Julius Novachrono has appeared to aide the Magic Knights. Julius transforms into his adult form and fights the devil in front of them.

Julius and Damnatio combined their magic attack towards the devil but unfortunately, it is still not enough to take it down. Right after the attack, Julius turned into his younger form, and he was confused about why it happened too soon.

The civilians who also witnessed this event for their Wizard King got their hopes broken. The devil is about to counter-attack and it seems that this will be the end of the kingdom if not stopped. Just before the attack lands, Asta along with Liebe shows up to stop the devil’s attack.

The cliffhanger of the manga chapter sees Asta mentioning Devil Union. The Devil Union form is where the user and the devil combine allowing the user to control the power of the devil. As for Asta’s case, we will be seeing how Liebe will give Asta new clothes made of his own shadow. Most likely, we will be seeing Asta’s Devil Union form in Black Clover Chapter 282.

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