Black Clover Asta Devil Union

Black Clover Reveals Asta’s Full Devil Union Form and Showcased Its Power

One of the most anticipated manga chapters of Black Clover has finally arrived. Author Yuki Tabata has officially released the Black Clover Chapter 282 featuring the full appearance of Asta’s first Devil Union form. Along with this reveal, Black Clover manga also showcased the power of this new form of Asta.

In Chapter 282 of Black Clover, the manga features how Asta and Liebe stopped the raging giant demon invading the Clover Kingdom. The chapter also sees the civilians and other magic knights witnessing how powerful Asta has become after training under the supervision of Nacht, the vice-captain of Black Bull Squad.

While the enemies at the Spade Kingdom are confident that the demon attacking the Clover Kingdom is unstoppable, Yuno is also confident that someone will defend their home. It turns out that he was referring to his friend, Asta, who already achieved a new level of power.

The manga features how Asta combined his power with Liebe and how they stopped the incoming attack of the gigantic demon in front of them. Thanks to the anti-magic power that they possessed and they were able to easily deflect the enemy attack.

During Asta’s appearance in his Devil Union form, the civilians are worried that a new devil has appeared. But the other civilians revealed that it was Asta and he will stop the enemy. The other Magic Knights were also seen cheering for Asta.

Upon stopping the devil’s attack, Asta shouts that he will protect the country together with a Devil (referring to Liebe). Asta launched an attack and he was seen slashing the demons into pieces. Right after defeating the gigantic demon attack the Kingdom, Asta decides to proceed to the Spade Kingdom and helped his friends and fellow countrymen.

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