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Black Clover Episode 149 Release Date, Wiki, and More

Two Things We Need to Find 「ふたつのさがしもの」 is the 149th episode of the anime adaptation of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover series.

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Release Date Date

Black Clover Episode 149 will be released on October 27, 2020, at exactly 6:25 PM (JST).


The episode covers the mini-adventure of Asta, Finral Roulacase, Noelle Silve, and Captain Yami Sukehiro. After witnessing that Lolopechka collapse, the three immediately rushed to see what really happened to the Queen.

On their arrival, Gadjah confronted the Black Bulls, but later on, they were granted to enter the palace. After learning that it was just a stomachache, Yami returned to the Clover Kingdome, while Lolopechka revealed that the preparation for the training of the Magic Knights is complete. While doing so, she revealed that her glasses are missing and it was taken by a beaver named Mugi.

Asta, along with Finral and Noelle, immediately went to where the beaver to retrieve the glasses. First, Finral used her magic to take the glasses from the beaver but he was bitten by it. Next is Noelle who also used her magic to chase down the beaver, but she suddenly stopped upon seeing its cuteness. Lastly is Asta, who used a fish to bait and trade the glasses.

Back to the palace, the three Black Bulls members returned the stolen glasses to Lolopechka. Unexpectedly, Lolopechka falls down which shatters her glasses. Upon seeing what happened, Gadjah came in with a case full of new glasses.

In the Clover Kingdom, Julius brings Nero to a locked door and asked her to open it using her power. The room was full of books and upon entering, Julius took the book containing the tool that was created by Lemiel. Julius told Nero that he will be asking the Magic Tool Research Lab to develop this tool to help Clover Kingdom citizens with weak mana.

Preview Images

Here are the preview images for the Black Clover Episode 149 titled Two Things We Need to Find.

Magic and Spells

Magic Used in Episode 149

  • Communication Magic
  • Spatial Magic
  • Sealing Magic
  • Lightning Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Creation Magic

Spells Used in Episode 149

  • Fallen Angel Gate
  • Fallen Angel Flapping
  • Valkyrie Dress
  • Inverse Release

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