One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers, Release Date: Hyogoro’s Power

After a one week break, Eiichiro Oda has released a new One Piece chapter manga. And as expected, an anonymous user has shared One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers and raw scans.

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One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

The new chapter seems to focus on Zoro. According to the leaked One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers, Zoro has revealed his true identity about his affiliation with Momonosuke. Hiyori feels relieved after learning that her older brother has an ally.

After learning about Zoro’s identity, Hiyori revealed that Kawamatsu, Denjiro, and Ashuradoji are their allies but she doesn’t know their locations. She also told Zoro the reason why she was not set to the future along with her brother. It is because in case she didn’t meet her brother in the future, the Kozuki clan will not vanish.

Meanwhile in the Mine Prison, Luffy and Hyogoro are still fighting for their lives. They are facing Madilloman, an armadillo smile user. Luffy looks like he’s not attacking Madilloman because he’s trying to learn the technique that Rayleigh used before that can take down enemies without touching them. Hyogoro realizes what technique Luffy was trying to learn and surprisingly, Hyogoro demonstrates the technique and defeat Madilloman.

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

Since we already have the leaked spoiler of the new chapter, expect to see the digital scan of One Piece Chapter 939 this weekend. For the official release date on Shonen Jump magazine, it will be out on Monday, April 15th.

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