Bossgard Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher Sand Sailor Studio has released the official Bossgard trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Bossgard, players will be collecting 21 trophies consisting of 21 bronze trophies. There are no secret trophies in Bossgard. Check out the full Bossgard trophies for PS4 below.

Bossgard Trophies

The WarriorWin first match as MagnusBronze Trophy
The AlienWin first match as KrampusBronze Trophy
The EngineerWin first match as AshaBronze Trophy
The Cheeki BreekiWin first match as MaksimBronze Trophy
The NecromancerWin first match as EdithBronze Trophy
The HuntressWin first match as InnesBronze Trophy
The DeadlyWin first match as MikoBronze Trophy
The ChillWin first match as ZiggyBronze Trophy
The DudeWin first match as DukeBronze Trophy
The BardWin first match as BrunhildeBronze Trophy
The OverlordWin first match matches as FortressBronze Trophy
The SmellyWin first match matches as Plunge D.Bronze Trophy
The AbominationWin first match matches as Olaf of BreadBronze Trophy
The WarmachineWin first match matches as WarhogBronze Trophy
The DemonWin first match matches as Bhaar-BootBronze Trophy
The CrusherWin first match matches as JackhammerBronze Trophy
The BossWin a game of Vikings vs BossBronze Trophy
The ChampionWin a game of Viking vs Viking Free-For-AllBronze Trophy
The WarbandWin a game of Viking vs Viking Team DeathmatchBronze Trophy
The SurvivorWin a game of SurvivalBronze Trophy
The SlayerDeal the killing blow in a game of Boss vs VikingsBronze Trophy

If you think we made a mistake on the listed trophies for Bossgard above, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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