Broly May Appear in the Current Arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga

Broly is known in the world of Dragon Ball as the Legendary Super Saiyan. He had three films released before the 2000s, but he was only canonical in the 2018 film Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Broly has gained a lot of fans since his first non-canonical appearance in 1993, and it was really quite a surprise to see that they introduced him as a canonical character.

And since Broly is now part of the franchise’s canon cast, it’s only fair that he appears in the manga and has his own arc, right? Well, it is possible that Broly appears in the arc “Granola the Survivor” in the Dragon Ball Super manga and is a truly necessary force for the universe.

WARNING: From now on you will see spoilers for the Dragon Ball Super manga. Continue reading at your own risk!


The plot of the new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga is directed at Granola, a bounty hunter. Granola is one of the only Cerealjins that exist in the universe as a result of Freeza, who destroyed his home planet.

In fact, it was not Freeza who destroyed the planet Cereal, but the Saiyans, who at the time were servants of the Emperor of Evil. resurrected, he decides to set out on a journey of vengeance.

Upon returning to his home planet, Granola decides to gather the Dragon Balls of Cereal and place a request that would facilitate his revenge. He asked to become the strongest warrior in the universe – strong enough to defeat the Evil Emperor.

However, Granola is now on an almost certain collision course against Goku and Vegeta, and if the request he made on Cereal is true, the protagonists are in danger. But it is worth remembering that Granola asked to be the “most powerful in the universe” at that time, that is, the request is provisional. In other words, Granola can still be subdued by other warriors, in case they get even stronger than him, of course.

While Goku and Vegeta are training painfully to increase their abilities, a new Saiyan can be reborn from the ashes, overtaking them and Granola. Broly is a Saiyan, so he must be even stronger since he fought Gogeta in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. In addition, its essence by nature is that of an uncontrolled being with apparently infinite power – not being new if it surpassed even Granola.

But how can Broly be stronger than Goku and Vegeta if he lost to them?

Broly vs Goku and Vegeta

Broly lost? Yes, but this happened because the Saiyans joined in a merger, giving rise to Gogeta. Naturally, Broly would be a virtually indestructible character if he fought one by one. It is hard to imagine that any character – other than a deity – can defeat Broly. It would be comical and even impressive to see Broly helping the Z Warriors instead of slaughtering them, which he did in all of his films before the 2000s.

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