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Here’s How Goku Can Overcome Whis in Dragon Ball Super

The world of Dragon Ball Super has steadily improved the power of the Ultra Instinct over the years. During the Tournament of Power, the final animated saga of Dragon Ball Super, we saw Goku explore this divine form for the first time. Since then, the Saiyan has improved even more with Whis and Merus, and we learned that Goku was only at the start of something great in the Dragon Ball series.

The battle between Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta began in Chapter 72 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. There, we saw Goku overcome his Ultra Instinct, raising the level of angelic technique to a new level.

How Can Goku Overcome Whis’ Power?

Dragon Ball Super
Whis avoiding Broly’s attack

Goku accessed the State of the Ultra Instinct and combined it with the God form during the fight against Granola in the Dragon Ball Super manga. It was only a brief moment, and he was eventually defeated. However, Goku combined two of his most powerful forms into one, and this is undoubtedly the script laying the groundwork for something that can be developed further.

Assuming that something new can emerge from the combination of Goku’s two distinct transformations, and given that the Ultra Instinct is a skill that can be continuously improved, it appears that Goku will be able to overcome the deadly limits and reach the level of the angels, and perhaps even outdo them.

Will Goku be able to use Super Saiyan Blue in conjunction with Ultra Instinct to defeat Granola, who has become the universe’s strongest mortal? This will only be revealed in Chapter 73 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, which will be released on June 20th.

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