Bzzzt Achievements Walkthrough Guide

How to get all the achievements for Bzzzt.


Just a few things before entering the guide.

  • There isn’t any missable achievement. You can replay any level at any time.
  • There are two achievements concerning the difficulty: normal and insane, no trophy for easy mode. Insane mode gives you only 7 lifes so don’t start the game with this mode. Keep it for later, once you’ve already beaten the game in normal.
  • There is no secret in the levels or secrets doors to reduce time. You only need your skills.
  • If you have trouble with some timer to beat in early levels, continue until you unlock new abilities. it’ll be easier once you have them.
  • If you want to restart the level, just press Y. You’ll restart instantly without going through the menu (and it will help for an achievement)

Story Related

My First Jump
Finish the first stage.

Mc Hammer
Finish the first boss fight.

Shoot Em Up
Finish the second boss fight.

Space Tarantula
Finish the third boss fight.

End Credits
Finish the game.

Misc Achievements

Collect 100 spare parts.Should unlock naturally in the beginning of the game.

Hardware Shop Owner
Collect all spare parts in all story mode stages.

Says it all. You don’t have to worry about the timer for this one as long as you get all bolts in every level.

My First Flawless Run
Collect all spare parts and beat a trophy time in a stage simultaneously.

Should unlock at the end of level 1

The Hammer Mill
Die one hundred times.

Unless you a pro, you will unlock this during your normal playtrough.

TV Crusher
Watch Emily’s sequence till the end.

At the beginning of Level 18, you’ll see an intro with a TV crashed by an enemy. Just be sure to stay until the achievement pop (~1 minute)

Exceptional Snail
Finish any stage with minimal score.

Select Level one and wait 30 seconds before crossing the finish line without collecting any bolt (you can do it in any level)

Finish any stage in under 1.5 seconds.

When you’ll unlock the Dash, go back to Level 1 and finish the level using it to beat the timer.

Open Leaderboards.

When you’re on the screen of Level Select, just press Y to see the Leaderboards and get the trophy.

Master of Autodestruction
Use Quick Restart 200 times.

The Button Y allow you to die instantly and restart the level. Don’t worry too much about it until you finish the game. If it didn’t pop up, just select any level and press Y until it arrives.

Robot Achivements

Emil Zatopek1
Beat a trophy time in ten stages.

Fairly straightforward, just beat the chrono in ten levels.

Perform a golden flawless run in 10 stages.

Golden flawless run means collecting all the bolts and beat the chrono at the same time. If you have trouble with some levels, continue until you get the Dash Ability.

Perform a golden flawless run in 30 stages.

Same as before but for 30 levels. It’s gonna take a few tries but easy enough in the end.

Perform a golden flawless run in all story mode stages.

That’s where the challenge begins. There is a difficulty spike around level 40 that’s gonna put your nerves through the mill.

Sonic Barrier
Perform silver or golden flawless run in all story mode stages.

Just a Normal Day
Finish the game on normal difficulty.

Insane Skill
Finish the game on insane difficulty.

Insane Difficulty means you only have 7 lives to finish the game. Don’t start on this difficulty. Finish the game once on normal to learn the mecanics, the levels and then if you’re still up for it, try the insane difficulty.

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