Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront

Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront Update 14 (v1.012) Patch Notes

Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront update 1.012 is now available for download on all supported platforms. Developer Barbedwire Studios has rolled out the new update on September 16, 2021.

Update 14 of the game doesn’t include anything special. What we only got from this new patch is the release of the bug fixes. Since the last update, players have been reporting a lot of issues in the game. With today’s update, it is expected that these issues are now resolved and players should see fewer in-game issues.

Learn more about this update by checking the full release notes below.

Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront Update 14 Patch Notes

  • Added fuel resupply to conquest
  • Added supplies resupply to conquest
  • Added mechanic resource resupply to conquest
  • Added anti-cheat measure: detect TrainerLib_x64 and CELib_x64 in process dlls (every 60s). shut down program if found.
  • Added count to show in UI to fox hole and engineer trench
  • Added new DCG map Hills based on the MP map
  • Added new DCG map Shiryayevo based on the MP map
  • Updated Able::minimap applies to all units (not just AI).
  • Updated Steam SDK
  • Updated 25mm_72k penetration data
  • Updated conquest wave icons to improve visibility
  • Updated Unbroken (USSR 4th mission): Map and mission improvements Map and mission improvements
  • Updated vehicle selection circle graphic
  • Updated resupply radius circle graphic
  • Updated flag ID graphic
  • Updated FR localisation: updated MP translations
  • Updated 50% of panzer3_flamm and kht26 flamethrower ammo being from pre-filled in weapon, to be in tanks inventory so it can resupply ammo.
  • Updated MP and DCG Glushkovo: made bridge on the river ford larger to help large vehicles pathfinding
  • Fixed crash on vehicles with MG links not attached (still working on the issue)
  • Fixed mass of medic tent inventory item so it doesn’t coast so much to resupply in conquest
  • Fixed inventory for Mid War soviet Marine MG Assistant so helmet always spawns
  • Fixed crash on conquest load
  • Fixed obstacleID and volume thickness for univeral tractor x and xx models
  • Fixed online crash
  • Fixed online inventory sync issues
  • Fixed armor penetration for APBC projectiles at high impact angles (85-90°)
  • Fixed Engine deck armor for Ferdinand
  • Fixed bridge 206
  • Fixed “invalid mesh animation” error on sturmpanzer 4.
  • Fixed ZiS30 armor layout and patherID
  • Increased auto-resupply radius for fuel, ammo, and engineer trucks

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