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College Kings – How to Have Sex With Emily

This guide will be showing you the details on how you can trigger the sex scenes in College Kings. Please note that the steps below are the fastest ways that you can try to trigger the scenes. There’s a possibility that there are some more ways to get the sex scenes in the game.

Before we continue, be reminded that this guide contains spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

College Kings Emily Sex Scene Guide

This guide has been tested on the latest version of College Kings, which is 0.7.3. Currently, you can have an intimate moment with three girls including Emily, Riley, and Aubrey.


Emily is the girl that cheated on the character you are playing, the first time you open your phone in the game Emily sends you a message saying she ends up going to the same college as you.

You have a choice to either reply ‘Yeah… I’ll see you there’ or ‘You cheated on me. Go to hell!’ This shows that Emily has cheated on you before the story takes place, but in order to have sex with her, you will need to reply to the first option.

There is quite a bit of the story to get through to get to the next interaction with Emily. But once you get there you will see Nora and Emily talking in the college hallway, after Nora walks away Emily will ask you to forgive her. If you want to achieve greatness then you should probably forgive her with the ‘Okay, I guess.’ option ;). Then the story will go on and you will go to the hospital with Emily, the choices don’t really matter at the hospital. Quite a bit of story to get through again after the hospital scene.

You will then get to a scene where Emily is calling you, accept the call, she will then invite you to her dorm. And from this point, you can either be understanding or get mad at her, either way, she will kiss you. You can choose to kiss her back or push her away, if you’re down bad like me then you would choose the kiss her back. And this is how you have sex with Emily.

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