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College Kings – How to Have Sex With Riley

This guide will be showing you the details on how you can trigger the sex scenes in College Kings. Please note that the steps below are the fastest ways that you can try to trigger the scenes. There’s a possibility that there are some more ways to get the sex scenes in the game.

Before we continue, be reminded that this guide contains spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

College Kings Riley Sex Scene Guide

This guide has been tested on the latest version of College Kings, which is 0.7.3. Currently, you can have an intimate moment with three girls including Riley, Emily, and Aubrey.


You first meet Riley at your dorm when your roommate Imre invites her over for a drink or dare. I am unsure if the choices in this scene affect your relationship with Riley

First Scene

She will ask you to take your shirt off or drink, so agree to the dare and take your shirt off. Your character will then dare Riley to take her shirt off and she explains she isn’t wearing a bra so the dare is unfair, so you agree with her and she doesn’t do it.

After that scene, your horny dog of a character will have a dream about Riley, it starts off with her grabbing your crotch. You can either choose to keep dreaming or wake up, to get the first sex scene, you should keep dreaming. This will lead to the first sex scene, not sure what you’re into but the choices don’t matter from this point whether you want her to give you a blowjob or a footjob.

Second Scene

Once again there is quite a bit of story to get through again after the dream scene. The next time you see her is when she is with Ryan and comes to your dorm, you have a choice to compliment Riley or agree with Ryan, when I did it I complimented Riley.

You will go to a picnic with Riley and Ryan. Walk away from the picnic and Riley will come after you, she will ask you about Chloe and make sure to choose ‘She’s into me’ or you won’t have an option to kiss Riley. Shortly, you will have the choice to kiss Riley.

She will then ask you about the picnic and you can either take responsibility or blame Ryan, when I did it, I took responsibility because it makes you seem like a mature college young educated adult. As she is leaving your dorm you have a choice to ask her to sleep with you in the dorm or don’t ask her, I am unsure if this affects future interactions with Riley but I chose to ask her to sleep with you.

Once again, bit more story to get through until the next scene with Riley. After a bit of story, you will then have another dream where a psycho killer has Lauren and Riley at gunpoint, again, not sure if it affects the relationship with her but I chose to save Riley.

Soon after, you go to a college poetry thing (who cares) and I think the choices you make in this scene affect how Riley feels about you as a person. The first girl, you should choose to praise her. The second guy talking about random bird noises, I chose to mock him. And the last girl with the huge ego, I also chose to mock her. Riley will ask you go on stage, and of course, the brave man you are you go up on stage. You can either act out a lullaby or make something up, I chose to make stuff up.

Next time you see Riley is at the Wolves’ frat party, you should talk to Riley and ask her something, she will ask you to walk her home. Go through all the story stuff and after you can choose to walk Riley home or chase after Nora, the amazing guy you are, you walk Riley home and flirt with her, she will ask you come inside her dorm. Turns out her roommate is sleeping and she doesn’t want to wake her up so you get blue balled and see her another time. But after this scene, you somehow finally get her number and she unlocks a social media app for you.

Finally, the homecoming party comes around, you ask Riley out to homecoming. Not too long after, she will invite you to come over, the horny specimen you are, you go over. You go inside and she just starts sucking on your poorly rendered punisher, nice! This leads to nice and pleasant sexual intercourse.

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