Con Amore Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

Since there is no guide I decided to create this brief guide to how to get each achievements in this game.


Go to settings and change the text speed, transitions, skip, after choices, etc for faster progress.
There are in total 3 characters and 6 endings in total, two for each of the two male characters, one for the female characters, and one for solo. Each ending has one achievement.
One achievement (To stardom!) should be automatically unlock when you play through.
Three endings is about changing clothes.

General Achievements

Keep selecting the first option for Bea’s secret ending and when you playthrough, you can wear any clothes, when sunflower is available, (the one next to necklace), wear it.
When reach the ending, go main menu and keep selecting the last option, until the end.
This should give you the following 4 achievements:

  • To stardom!
  • Sweet style
  • Secret Love
  • Free spirit

Open a new playthrough from main menu, select options to avoid Bea and try to get points from Daniel / Alex:
No I couldn’t do that
Go home
You must have fallen out of my bag (Daniel + 1)
I really don’t (Alex + 1)
Sure let’s go (Alex + 1)
I won’t do it (Daniel + 1)
I doubt this’ll be of any use of me.
Have lunch in the Coffee shop
Why Not (Alex + 1)
Sure! (Daniel + 1)
I don’t want to talk about it.
Save here, now you have to choose between Daniel / Alex
To class (Alex)
To studio (Daniel)

Daniel Route

Go Studio
Take the papers to office (Daniel +)
To Daniel (Daniel +)
To see Daniel (Daniel +)
** Be careful at this change clothes scene, wear the first brown one-piece (Daniel +)
To help Daniel (Daniel +)
To say yes (Daniel +)
To just go with it (Daniel +)
Give it a pass
Say hi to Daniel (Daniel +)
Have coffee with Daniel (Daniel +)
My heart beat faster (Daniel ++)
We can talk about something else (Daniel +)
Decide to agree to it (Daniel +)
Any option
If you select everything correct, this should give you Daniel special ending.
For Daniel normal ending, just select some of these wrong.

Alex Route

To class
Sure, why not (Alex +)
To Alex (Alex +)
Of course I can (Alex +)
**During clothes change, wear the T-shirt with letter on the right (Alex +)
To compete with Alex (Alex +)
To Kiss Alex (Alex +)
Give it a pass
To say to Alex (Alex +)
Sure why not (Alex +)
Nervous (Alex ++)
Of course I can help you (Alex +)
Any option
Any option
Why didn’t you tell me sooner? (Alex ++)
For normal ending just purposely select some options wrong.

This guide about Con Amore was written by Michiko Domoto. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.