Warriors of the Nile 2 Complete Achievements Guide

This guide will be showing you how to get and unlock all achievements in Warriors of the Nile 2. As of writing, there’s a total of 20 achievements in the game. There are no hidden achievements in the game, which means that most of the achievements cannot be missed.

Desert Warriors, Desert Expedition, and Disobedience

These are very self-explanatory but just finish a full run. But if you have any difficulties, here are some tips and the characters I can always count on to take me to victory:

  • Max out the buildings.
  • Max out the characters starting with the passives stats they get + the tablets.
  • Use scythe wielder (fr he is just the best warrior) and scorpid princess and waste your resources mostly on them, they legit are the best units in the game and can carry most runs. The rangers are weak compared to the others like really weaker, the other warriors and mages are good as well, but their builds are way more difficult to achieve.

First Steps and Slaughterer

You will get these as you play.

Great Hero and Fearless

Just requires multiple runs, you will get these like YOU WILL while farming for the tablet and gear achievements. But if you’re curious there are 3 different bosses that can appear at each stage.


Is kinda tricky I don’t remember how I got it, but you can just honestly build full defense revenge scythe wielder (and your mage) and keep your hunter away, or just be careful on the bosses in the first stages. This one is careful positioning mostly and having a good DPS dealer or keeping a choke point with a defensive warrior.

Perfect Combat

Is the same as unscathed. You will get this if you have a good run while farming for the other achievements but build your warrior with defense/sustain tablets and keep your hunter and mage away from trouble.


Build everything, you will get resources by doing runs. But for optimal runs PLEASE fully build the right buildings first, especially accessory, artisan, and fountain ones, they will make your life way easier.

Sun Legion

You have to max out all your warriors, but remember to unlock the other 2 warriors of each class you have to build their buildings.

One-Man Army

Choose one character to hold all tablets and don’t give tablets to anyone else in this run. FR uses Scythe Wielder like legit he is the best choice for this one and in my run for example I only had 2 legendary tablets on him. Scorpion Priestess works as well but Scythe Wielder is just better. You can prob make this work with characters aside from the rangers, but the other ones are way more difficult.


Don’t use any gear, if you are forgetful like me just sell your gear every time so you don’t risk putting them on my instinct (and waste money on the goat: artisan).

Few Legendaries

You will complete this if you just get the legendary tablets the boss gives you.

I’m good thanks

My tip doesn’t choose the paths that have pharaoh coins or silver when you can go for items, don’t buy anything just get items to help you. ALSO important after you have the building that let you get a restore/upgrade at weapon master/first accessory to the left for FREE you can get them the game will not count as silver wasted.

Rapid Advance

Play the game fast using your favorite/best units and DON’T go for elite battles or think too much in artisan (and hope you don’t get overwhelmed by Neptune on the last boss fight, I managed to beat him under 45 minutes but it was close).


You DON’T have to win a run with all the tablets (THANK GOD) all tablets have just to appear for you in the choices. But remember you have to max out your characters + win their personal challenges (the 3 on top of their tree that appear after you max them) to have all warrior tablets unlocked.

For personal challenges, I can say my tips about each just ask me, but in my personal opinion the most annoying are the first ones of Eagle Handler and Dune Assassin, you have to have very specific builds to get them. And remember you have to have Pharaoh Incarnate Tablet to summon the Pharaoh Beetle for the Saint of Dawn challenge.


Obtain all gears. They can just appear in the store you don’t have to buy them. BUT remember you have to beat hard level 10 with all characters to receive their specific gears AND you have to liberate all hard level steps to get the remaining items.

Warriors of the Nile

Get all other achievements.

Tips and Tricks

Artisan Starts:

  • Your objective is to get level 3 You can get the carving “you can choose 2 tablets” as quickly as possible (unless you are doing the solo tablet challenge), I normally always try to get it before the second boss so I can choose 2 legendary tablets. My strats to get to level 3 faster is to always get more silver in the carvings and pharaoh coins on stages; ALWAYS get if you win within 4 turns you get silver/pharaoh coin; you can refresh the tablets before the next artisan always do that if you’re not happy with what you get.
    If you are farming for the all tablets achievement go for the level two carving you can refresh reward tablets

Characters Tips

  • Mages mostly need specific builds to be very good, BUT scorpid princess is the best among them because she can also run support builds and is way more low cost to be good without many tablets.
    Saint of Dawn: the enemies will mostly target her beetles instead of your warriors so use this to your advantage.
  • Rangers are the weakest class compared to the other ones, they normally can’t carry you, they have low life and are hard to build, and require very good positioning. I enjoy using them tho they are really fun after you learn how to use them.
  • Warriors: my personal favorites they are strong, they have sustained, and they go full berserk in front of the enemy face.
  • Scythe Wielder just like my boy in the past game is the best unit, has a big defense, big damage, EXECUTION TIME, sustain, and very good items.
  • Tomb Warrior is very very fun to play and very good if you go for high slash count builds + sustain tablets.
  • Lion Brawler is super cute and can punch hard, she can get very high defense and very good damage.
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