Conquest of Elysium 5

Conquest of Elysium 5 Update 5.16 Patch Notes

Conquest of Elysium 5 update 5.16 is now available for download. Developer Illwinter Game Design rolled out this new patch earlier today, February 14th, to address some of the issues and concerns in the game.

According to the official release notes, patch 5.16 is mainly a bug fix update, highlighting the fixes for the new bug where player immortals never lost their magic items. Apart from these bug fixes, the new update also includes the battle performance improvements and some additional stuff that modders will enjoy.

To learn more about this new update, check out the full changelog below.

Conquest of Elysium 5 Update 5.16 Patch Notes


  • Immortal units didn’t lose their items when they died
  • Fix for no loot after eliminating a player
  • Battle performance improvement
  • Show square’s owner in square info (i)
  • Press ‘h’ to (de)select all horror marked units
  • Strange Mist in the Sky never dissipated, fixed
  • Ritual Caster ability icon could appear when it shouldn’t (Divine Emperor)
  • Tunneling through moist cave walls didn’t work
  • Bug fix for some wandering independents
  • Message in battle log when gates are opened
  • Animate forest spell only targets squares with living terrain on
  • Increased maximum number of projectiles
  • Yearly sell price for Emeralds was shown incorrectly
  • Fix for ctrl+select another commander
  • Player being eliminated could result in corrupted commanders, fixed
  • Succubus can now use weapons properly
  • Typo and stat fixes

Network / Multiplayer

  • Better error message when version is too old for network lobby


  • Large units better at engaging enemies in battle
  • Limit number of dwarven ballistas at the same location


  • New ritual command: afftarg
  • New event command: makeben
  • Translation of sub-headers is now possible
  • Special abilities can now be translated

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