Costume Kingdom

Costume Kingdom Trophies for PS4

We finally got the full list of Costume Kingdom trophies for PlayStation 4. The Costume Kingdom is a Halloween themed adventure game published by Stratton Studios for Sony’s PS4.

In the Costume Kingdom game, players will be able to collect a total of 20 trophies consisting of 6 bronze, 5 silver, 8 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. Among all these trophies, there is one secret trophy that you need to unlock. We already revealed the secret trophy for the Costume Kingdom below.

Costume Kingdom Trophies

Platinum TrophySimply the best
Unlock all trophies in Costume Kingdom
Gold TrophyCranky Crocoss
Defeat Cranky Crocoss & get the Crocoss costume
Gold TrophyJourney's end
Beat Apex Cup 3
Gold TrophyThe push
Beat Apex Cup 2
Gold TrophyThe journey begin's
Beat Apex Cup 1
Gold TrophyThe choice
Make the final choice
Gold TrophyThe Costume Kingdom
Unlock all costumes!
Gold TrophyCollector
Unlock all attractions at the Hallowzoo & earn your first big candy payout! (Secret)
Gold TrophyComing home
Find Jack and Jill for Gilly
Silver TrophyBounty - Crocoss
Complete the Bounty Board for Crocoss
Silver TrophyThe Hallowzoo
Find all the missing Hallowmon for Rex
Silver TrophyBecause im big
Help Luke stop Bobby
Silver TrophyAnd your small
Stop Lukes reign of terror
Silver TrophyMarcus the maniac
Defeat Marcus and his goons
Bronze TrophyBounty - Ramking
Complete the Bounty Board for Ramking
Bronze TrophyBounty - Magmos
Complete the Bounty Board for Magmos
Bronze TrophyTrue beginnings
Complete the tutorial
Bronze TrophyNoah needs you!
Help Noah get his first Hallowmon
Bronze TrophyChimpeats gone wild!
Find Julius in the forest
Bronze TrophyMaggies madness
Complete Maggies sidequest

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