DEVOUR – All Battery Spawn Location in the Town Map

This is a map of all battery spawns on the Town, as well as screenshots of each specific spawn.

The Map

Spawn are marked by dots of different colors, depending on the floor. 21 spots in total. Also it says “Health Store” instead of “General Store” since I assume it’s an early version of the official map and it was never finalized.

Weapon Store

On the counter.

Clothing Store

On a barrel to the left of the counter.


Ground floor, on a table next to piano.

Upstairs, on a bookshelf to the left of the lockbox.

Upstairs in the room with the church key, on a small table opposite to door.


Ground floor, on a small table, next to left cell entrance.

Upstairs, on a small table in a corner, turn right as you enter.


Inside the mine, on the right, between the rails and some dynamite.


Inside the storage vault, on a safe behind some huge crates, next to a hiding spot.


Ground floor, on a small table, turn right as you enter from the street.

Downstairs, outside the bank vault, on a small table in a corner between a bigger table and a safe.


Ground floor, on a dining table closest to main entrance wall, turn left as you enter from the main entrance.

Ground floor, on a counter, the one closer to the main entrance, turn right as you enter from the main entrance.
Upstairs, in a room to your right as you go upstairs, on a small table near the door, turn right as you enter the room.
Upstairs, in a room with three doors, in a corner between two of them, on a small table.

General Store

On the counter, between a hat and a cash register.
On a small table next to the side door.
On some crates outside the side entrance.


On the second wheelbarrow, the one further into the stables, near the pentagram.


Inside the pedestal, further in the church, in front of Azazel statue.

Outside the church, near the gallows and the graveyard, on some coffins next to church wall.

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