DoorDash App Not Working, Login Issues Reported

Looking for something to eat and want to order it online? Well, it seems that you have to be patient as the food delivery service DoorDash is currently experiencing issues on their mobile app and website.

As reported by many users, DoorDash is having some log in and booking issues. Fortunately, the company has acknowledged the problem and released the official statement.

“We’re currently experiencing issues with the DoorDash platform. Please know that we’re doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and for being a loyal DoorDash customer,” DoorDash Twitter account stated.

Meanwhile, DoorDash users shared their frustration and experience for the downtime of the service.

DoorDash is now working and we are hoping that they will fix the issue as soon as possible. We will be monitoring the issue and we’ll update this post once we receive any news.

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