Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Update Brings Hero Changes: Batrider, Tuskar, and More

Developer and publisher Valve has released the newest Dota Underlords update bringing some minor adjustments in the game.

The new Dota Underlords patch which has been rolled out on Saturday, May 9th, make some hero balancing and adjustments. These heroes include Batrider, Enigma, Nature’s Prophet, Ogre Magi, Shadow Shaman, Storm Spirit, Tuskar, Venomancer, and Weaver.

Apart from these hero changes, the update also makes some changes and fixed known issues in the game. In addition, it also adds stability and performance improvements. Find the detailed changes in the changelog below.

Dota Underlords Update (May 9th)


  • Fixed an issue where Weaver could Shukuchi into an occupied cell.
  • Fixed an issue where Brutes would sometimes keep attacking their current target when non-debuffed targets were available.
  • Fixed an issue where Assassins would sometimes not properly switch targets when Anessix casts Enthrall.
  • Fixed some cases where Insect alliance spiderlings would fail to attack.
  • Fixed some other minor AI targeting issues.
  • Fixed missing or incorrect text on some Streetfights.

Hero Changes


  • Sticky Napalm
    • Damage changed from [20, 40, 80] to [30, 50, 80]
    • At 3 stars, Sticky Napalm now sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds


  • Midnight Pulse
    • At 3 stars, Midnight Pulse’s radius is 2 cells rather than 1
    • Damage changed from [4, 5, 6]% to [5, 6, 7]%

Nature’s Prophet

  • Nature’s Call
    • At 3 stars, trees spawn near backline enemies

Ogre Magi

  • Bloodlust
    • At 3 stars, Ogre Magi has a 75% chance per cast to Multicast Bloodlust at 2 targets rather than 1

Shadow Shaman

  • Mass Serpent Ward
    • Chicken is back on the menu! At 3 stars, Shadow Shaman Hexes the enemy unit for 5 seconds in addition to summoning wards

Storm Spirit

  • Ball Lightning
    • Damage changed from [90, 140, 210] to [80, 120, 180]


  • Walrus PUNCH!
    • At 3 stars, Walrus Punch also slows the enemy’s attack speed by 40Air Time changed from 1.0 to [1.0, 1.0, 1.5]
    • Slow duration changed from 2.0 to [2.0, 2.0, 3.0]


  • Plague Ward
    • At 3 stars, Venomancer’s Plague Wards have 99% Magic Resistance rather than 50%
    • Cooldown changed from 5 to [5, 5, 3]


  • Shukuchi
    • At 3 stars, Weaver gains 4 seconds of Mana Break after each Shukuchi, burning up to 20 Mana per hit and doing 2 damage per Mana burnt
    • 3

Dota Underlords can now be downloaded on PC via Steam.