GRIME Update 1.11.7 Patch Notes

GRIME, the thrilling action game, has just released its latest update, version 1.11.7. This update includes a number of bug fixes to improve the player experience.

Some of the major bugs addressed in this update include issues with environments not loading and a bug that prevented players from continuing Shidra’s main quest. Other bugs fixed in this update include issues with the Listener, keybinds not saving properly, and problems with the Discord button.

In addition to these fixes, version 1.11.7 also addresses issues with map markers, quest repetition, Prey Gauntlet loading issues, and the Final Performance encounter. There are also several spoilers included in the update, including improvements to Shidra’s heal sound and projectiles, and the removal of a delay from the Double Jump sound effect.

Overall, this update for GRIME brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game. If you’re a fan of GRIME, be sure to check out version 1.11.7 and see all it has to offer.

GRIME Update 1.11.7 Patch Notes

Major bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where environments some times do not load.
  • Fixed a bug where Shidra’s main quest cannot be continued.


  • Fixed an issue happening to some players with the Listener.
  • The keybinds changes will now save properly when closing the menu.
  • Disabled the Discord button until the menu is ready.
  • The area above the Amalgamation should now properly open after defeating it.
  • Miniboss map markers wont re-appear by engaging via the Prey Gauntlet.
  • Shidra wont repeat itself after finishing a quest.
  • Fixed Prey Gauntlet loading issues.
  • It is now easier to Repel the additional dancer on The Final Performance encounter when it drops from above.
  • [spoiler]Improved Shidra’s heal sound.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed Shidra’s projectiles bursting from the ground.[/spoiler]
  • Shapely Fidus arena elevator wont vanish after finishing the match on Prey Gauntlet mode.
  • Fixed bugged texts for certain weapons, items or prey.
  • Fixed buggy interactions with pullable tooths.
  • Removed the delay from the Double Jump sound effect.

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