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Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Spoilers, Release Date: Suika’s Way to Science

After almost two weeks of hiatus, manga author Riichiro Inagaki has returned with the latest chapter of Dr. Stone manga series. The new manga chapter sees the continuation of the main timeline of the Dr. Stone series. Being the first person alive after the 2nd wave of the global certification, Suika has started living on her own while searching for a revival fluid.

It’s a little bit lonely for a young girl living alone, but she doesn’t have a choice as she will be the last hope of humanity. The upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 196 is approaching really soon and if you’re one of the fans waiting for its release, read on as we will be giving you some spices for the next chapter.

Previous Chapter Recap

Chapter 195 of Dr. Stone is titled “Treasure hunter, All Alone“. The chapter features how Suika started gathering all of her friends. The first few petrified humans that Suika found are Senku, Taiju, Gen, and Chrome. Suika continued to gather all of the members of the Kingdom of Science in one place. Due to the weight of each stone, Suika is having a hard time collecting them all. Thankfully, she found a wheel that she used to transport her petrified friends including Kohaku.

Being alone is surely lonely for a young kid like Suika. But she has to overcome these kinds of things or she will die alone. During her exploration, Suika find the recipe on how to make a revival fluid, suggesting that she will start to work on science. Will she be able to make it? Let’s find out in the next chapter of Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Release Date

As part of the Weekly Shonen Jump (WSJ) magazine, the Dr. Stone manga series has been put into hiatus last week. That brings us the question if there will be another break until Chapter 196 is released. Fortunately, we will be getting the new Dr. Stone manga chapter on its regular schedule. According to the official announcement, Dr. Stone Chapter 196 will be released on May 16, 2021, Sunday.

For those who are still unaware of where to legally read the manga series, you can visit the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha. While both of these sources are premium, they are offering free access to the latest manga chapter of Dr. Stone. This only means that you can legally read Dr. Stone Chapter 196 for free on the slated date above.

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