Drift Showcase Beginner’s Guide and Tips

In this guide, you will find a detailed explanation of the game mechanics along with some useful tips to help you advance faster!


Gameplay involves participating in drift shows and gaining fame. To do this, you can enter any level and perform a timed drift show. The key to success is to impress the audience, as this will help you attract more fans and earn higher rewards.

To impress the crowd, you should perform slide-based stunts such as “Speed Drift” or “Pro Drift,” and complete task objectives. It’s a good idea to start with a few long and continuous slides to maximize your drift multiplier. Maintaining a high speed and a wide angle while sliding will also help you increase your multiplier.

By drifting more frequently, you will become more appealing to the public and gain fans more quickly. To progress faster, you can begin each show by performing continuous slides, such as drifting in a circle, for a short period of time. This strategy works well because the counter steer mechanics allow you to maintain speed and angle, making it easier to perform “Pro Drift” stunts that earn you XP and score, and quickly hype up the crowd.


On the screen, you can view the crowd state using two bars or “fan-ometers.

There are two fan-ometers displayed on the screen: one blue and one orange. The blue bar represents the current level of crowd engagement, while the orange bar shows the total engagement, which is determined by the blue bar.

As the blue bar fills up more quickly, the orange bar will also fill up faster. The more full the orange bar is, the more the crowd enjoyed your performance. It’s crucial to keep the orange bar full, as it acts as a multiplier for the rewards you receive after each show and the number of new fans you acquire.

If your drifting performance is not up to par, the crowd will become bored, and the bars will start to empty out.


To earn XP points in the game, you can perform drift stunts such as “Speed Drift” and complete tasks like “Gate Slides” or “Pole Hits.” The more XP you accumulate, the higher your driver level will be.


The number of new fans you acquire after each show is determined by your XP points, current driver level, and total crowd engagement. Therefore, the higher your XP points per show, the faster your driver level will increase, and the more fans you will attract.


To achieve a high score in the game, you should aim to perform long slides. Keep an eye on the widgets displayed on the screen; the higher your drift multiplier, the higher your score will be. You can increase your drift multiplier by maintaining a speed of 40 km/h or an angle of 60 degrees or more.

To perform slide-based stunts such as “Slide Drift,” “Speed Drift,” “Angle Drift,” or “Pro Drift” that contribute to both XP and score, it’s important to keep your drift multiplier bars full. Additionally, completing any available task objectives will also boost your XP and score.


Available stunts

  • Slide Drift: To perform this stunt, you need to maintain a drift multiplier of x5 for 5 seconds. Once you reach x5, the circle bar color will change to orange and start to fill up again. When it fills up completely, you’ll perform a Slide Drift stunt. If one or more of the other bars are full, you’ll perform a different stunt based on which bars are full.
  • Speed Drift: You can perform this stunt by meeting the same criteria as for Slide Drift, but also by having the Speed Drift bar filled up to 100% in blue color.
  • Angle Drift: You can perform this stunt by meeting the same criteria as for Slide Drift, but also by having the Angle Drift bar filled up to 100% in blue color.
  • Pro Drift: You can perform this stunt by having both the Speed Drift and Angle Drift bars filled up to 100% while meeting the rules for Slide Drift.

Available task objects

  • Gate Slide – this is done by entering and exiting a gate while drifting. It is important to maintain the drift until the exit of the gate to complete the task.
  • Pole Hit – to perform a pole hit, the car must hit a pole with the back while drifting.
  • Clipping Point – the task is completed by drifting through a clipping point. It is important to be drifting while passing through the clipping point for it to count.
  • Block Smash – this task can be completed by smashing blocks. The car doesn’t necessarily have to be drifting, but it can be tricky to aim the car towards a block.
  • Jump Drift – this task can be completed by driving through a jump ramp and landing safely.


The rewards you receive after each event are based on your score. For every 100,000 points you earn, you’ll receive 1,000 credits. The total crowd engagement also serves as a multiplier for your rewards, so it’s important to keep the crowd hyped up by performing longer slides, executing stunts, and completing tasks.


Once you reach rank 1 or higher, you’ll start receiving bonus credits. You’ll get an additional 1,000 credits for every rank level you achieve. For instance, if you’re at rank 3, you’ll receive a bonus of +3,000 credits for each show.

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