Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Details

Developer Youthcat Studio has released the newest Dyson Sphere Program patch The new update has been rolled out today, July 28th.

Dyson Sphere Program update includes some minor changes and bug fixes that started appearing since the previous update. With the new patch released for Dyson Sphere Program, players should now encounter fewer bugs, glitches, or other in-game issues.

To know more details about this update, feel free to check the full changelog below.

Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes


  • Now the Blueprint is able to snap to the pole automatically.
  • Added automatic snapping to the Blueprint Paste Mode. For Blueprints that across multiple tropics, it can automatically identify the rotation of the north and south poles and automatically align the latitude and longitude.
  • Added the auxiliary line of tropics in Blueprint Mode.


  • Modified the Blueprint UI layout of the copy and paste interface.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed the bug that the location of the building may be kept changing when dragging in the Blueprint Paste Mode.
  • Fixed the bug that the collision between Conveyor Belt and veins may fail in the Blueprint Mode.
  • Fixed the bug that an error may be reported when overwritten the Blueprint new save path with the same name.