eSail Sailing Simulator Update 2.3.05 Patch Notes

eSail Sailing Simulator, the realistic sailing game, has just released its latest update, version 2.3.05. This update includes several bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for out of range data in multiplayer mode and the addition of a new steam ship.

Some of the notable changes in this update include the ability to change the sleeve colors of both crew members in the game’s settings, the addition of extra lines on the chart, and the ability to set the angle of the plotter. Players can also now turn off the ensign flag on the backstay by making its size zero in the game’s settings.

Overall, this update for eSail Sailing Simulator brings a host of new features and improvements to the game. If you’re a fan of eSail Sailing Simulator, be sure to check out version 2.3.05 and see all it has to offer.

eSail Sailing Simulator Update 2.3.05 Patch Notes

  • A fix to stop out of range data causing issues for all users in multiplayer mode.
  • A new steam ship (The Aurora) is running between Water Head Islands and Port Fogarty in Southern Shearwater Island. As this is a lot of water to cover when testing any sightings (or even better screenshots) would be much appreciated.
  • An ensign flag is now on the backstay. This helps to give an indication of wind direction. You can change the size and position of flag in Settings. (Or turn it off by making size zero).
  • You can now change the sleeve colours of both crew members in Settings.
  • On the chart you can now add extra lines. Also you can set the angle of the plotter (bottom left). This means at last you can properly plot your position using the hand compass.

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