V Rising Update 0.5.42584 (Hotfix 10) Patch Notes

V Rising

Developer Stunlock Studios has just rolled out the newest update for V Rising. The new patch aims to fix some of the exploits that were acknowledged since the last update. According to the details, Hotfix 10 is scheduled to officially roll out today, around 11:00 UTC.

Unfortunately, since the previous update, many players have been experiencing several in-game issues. With today’s update, it is expected that players should be getting fewer bugs in V Rising.

To know more about this update, feel free to check the full release notes below.

V Rising Hotfix 10 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an exploit where equipped items (Weapons, Armors, Cloaks) could give stacked attributes when equipped after being retrieved from a servant that had died.
  • Fixed an exploit where items would be duplicated when dismantling a servant’s coffin with a servant that has previously died.
  • Fixed an issue where some equipable items (Weapons, Armor, Cloaks) could end up in a broken state and can no longer be equipped or unequipped. Items in this state prior to this patch will automatically be removed as they are in an irreparable state.