Eternal Return Beginner’s Crafting and Progression Guide

Hey there! I’ll be giving you a rundown of the basics in eternal return to help beginners get introduced and to improve in the game!

Crafting Items:

Items are one of the most important aspects in Eternal Return since that’s where your main stats bonuses come from for you to be able to fight against others. First we want to choose a recommended save plan that we like, that can be chosen in the main menu at the “Loadout” option or during champ selection. Make sure they have a late game item transition list as it’s very important! Once you choose your save plan and spawn into the game, you should see a bunch of materials that are highlighted on the bottom right corner of your screen, those represent the items you need from your current zone. Your job is to open up boxes around you until you’ve collected all the necessary highlighted materials, once finished, they should be greyed out and you should hear a small audible ding. After that you want to open up your minimap by pressing “m” and seeing where the next zone they tell you to go to look for materials, they should be numbered for you to know which order to visit them in. If they are close enough, you can simply walk there. However, if it’s quite far from where you’re at, look around on the minimap for a circle with arrows inside it. That signifies a teleportation device, once you approach it you can see that it’s a telephone station and you can interact with it to quickly teleport to your next destination. You want to rinse and repeat finding materials in every zone until you’ve collected every item. But watch out because some people will fight you for the materials along the way sometimes! You can also use the quick craft option where you press “z” for convenience sake instead of manually clicking when needing to craft a highlighted material. After looting every zone and crafting it all up to the purple rarity, you’ve officially completed the first part of your build. Now you want to press “p” and click on the late game item transition list to switch to it and you’ll see that they are all gold rarity, those are the supposed late game items that you want to go for to be really strong. Alongside needing regular crafting materials, you also need special objectives to be able to craft them. A good baseline in terms of speed is to be able to get all your purple items before the start of night time for day#1

Loot distribution:

When you first spawn in, there should be a cluster of boxes that seem like they’re together. Those are the boxes you want to open, they contain a copy of every material that will spawn in your zone and if you loot around that cluster, you should find all the necessary items you need from it. That’s why you want to loot all the boxes around you and not just 1 or 2 before moving onto someplace else in the zone to look for the materials. For better guidance I highly recommend watching this video made by “Homecoming” that gives an in-depth explanation of it:

Meteorite and Tree of Life and bosses can be found spawning around the map. They are randomly distributed across the map in limited quantities and the location is finalized when theres a minute left before the day/night change for you to prepare and fight against other players for it

Force core: Can only be crafted using both meteorite and Tree of Life

Alpha: Drops Mythril
Omega: Drops Force Core
Wickeline: Drops VF Blood Sample (Usually items made with this has some sort of healing)

These are all objective drops that can be used to turn your purple weapons into very strong late game gold items.

Now go out there and build your items and fight to your hearts content!

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