Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game Controls and Key Bindings Guide

Developer Saber Interactive has finally launched their newest survival horror video game, Evil Dead: The Game. Many players have already started their journey with the thrilling events of the game. If you’re new to the game, you’ll surely want to learn the Evil Dead: The Game controls first before starting your first match. In this guide, you will be able to learn the default controls of the game using keyboard and gamepad controllers.

Evil Dead: The Game Controls

Before we get started, be reminded that you can change and remap these default Evil Dead: The Game key bindings and shortcuts. You can remap these controls by going to Settings > Input options. Of course, you can reset the controls by clicking the R key or the Reset Key Bind option found in the lower right corner of the screen.

Let’s start off this guide with the default keyboard and mouse controls. You can find the gamepad controls after this key bindings guide.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Upgrade MenuTab
Active SkillQ
Close Communication WheelX
Light Melee AttackLeft Mouse Button
Heavy Melee AttackMiddle Mouse Button
Vehicle Lights: On/Off1
Honk Horn2
Aim (Hold)Right Mouse Button
ShootLeft Mouse Button
Drink Shemp’s Cola2
Use Amulet3
Attack the Dark OnesCtrl
Spectator Mode: Next PlayerRight Arrow
Spectator Mode: Previous PlayerLeft Arrow
Portal Selection: Basic Unit (Hold)1
Portal Selection: Elite Unit (Hold)2
Summon Boss3
Spawn PortalLeft Mouse Button
Place Proximity PortalRight Mouse Button
Change Type of Crate TrapT
Demonic DashC
Possessed Unite: Action 11
Possessed Unite: Action 22
Possessed Unite: Action 33
Possessed Unite: Action 44
Brake / ReverseS
Turn LeftA
Turn RightD
Evil Dead: The Game Controls

Now, for the gamepad controls, check out the details below. As far as we know, these are also the default controls for the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Evil Dead: The Game.

Survivor Controls
Character MovementLeft Analog Stick
Aim (Hold)LT
Communication Wheel (Hold)LB
Drink Shemp’s ColaD-Pad Up
FlashlightD-Pad Left
Upgrade MenuD-Pad Down
Apply ShieldD-Pad Right
MapView Button
Inventory (Hold)View Button
Move Camera AroundRight Analog Stick
Heavy AttackRT
Light AttackRB
Interact / VaultY
Active SkillB
SettingsMenu Button
Demon Controls
Character MovementLeft Analog Stick
Portal Selection: Basic Unit (Hold)LT
Portal Selection: Elite Unit (Hold)RT
Possess / Unpossess (Hold)LB
Demonic Dash (Hold)RB
Upgrade MenuD-Pad Down
MapView Button
Active SkillB
Spawn PortalA
Place Proximity PortalX
Move CameraRight Analog Stick
SettingsMenu Button
Summon BossLT + RT
Spawn Portal: BasicLT + A
Place Proximity Portal: BasicLT + X
Spawn Portal: EliteRT + A
Place Proximity Portal: EliteRT + X
Possession Actions
MovementLeft Analog Stick
Aim (Hold)LT
Possess / Unpossess (Hold)LB
Upgrade MenuD-Pad Down
Light AttackRB
Heavy Attack / ShootRT
Possessed Unit: Action 1X
Possessed Unit: Action 2Y
Possessed Unit: Action 3B
Possessed Unit: Action 4A
Move CameraRight Analog Stick
MapView Button
SettingsMenu Button
Evil Dead: The Game Gamepad Controls

And that’s all of the default controls for Evil Dead: The Game. In case we missed any action keys for the game, feel free to let us know in the comments below. You can also check our Evil Dead: The Game controller troubleshooting guide if you’re experiencing some issues while playing the game using a gamepad controller.

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