Faye/Sleepwalker Achievements Walkthrough Guide

How to get all achievements


First time on the ground.

Your first achievement after you wake up in starter village


First sub-request completed

Complete any quest from Receptionist In the Central City

Memory Seeker

First time fast travel was released.

Unseal fast travel pedestal in first time. Pedestals inactive until you first time visit Central City. You will be able to unlock pedestal after visiting Central City.. not quite sure which event triggers your ability to unlock pedestals: visiting Central City, talking with receptionist in tavern or it just meant to unlock Pairie area pedestal first by storyline

Friend of the Scarecrow

I met the scarecrow for the first time.

First scarecrow you can find right in the Prayer Hill village, but I missed this one and met my first in the Forest area. 3-4 hit works just fine to make him pay attention to you)

Skilled Adventurer

All sub-quests have been completed.

Complete every quest from receptionist once

The Pursuit

All fast travel has been released.

As it says you need to release all fast travel pedestals

Where the Fae Go

Where the Fae Go

Complete your playthrough

Memory Journey

I have freed all the skills on my memory board.

To the moment of Faye return to the White Castle you should probably have all skills what requires only points. As for the skills what requires memories you also should have it to the moment of credits come in: from fight with Faye (Photon ray – Faye’s memory), defeating Dieh (Mirage – Dieh’s memory) and last conversation with Lea (Sky world – Lea’s memory). Memories of Lux (Teleport – Lux’s memory): watch credits and then meet Lux near house in the Snowfield area (there Faye and Lux fought before Faye departure to the White Castle), warm him up with good fight. Air Strike + requieres gift from elder scarecrow after you find all scarecrows, so complete Scarecrow Ally first

Scarecrow Ally

Met all the scarecrows

Find all scarecrows.

All scarecrow locations (assuming map coordinate system up=north, down=south, left=west, right=east):

1. In the starter viilage (Prayer Hill), near south exit (side of the village opposite to the pedestal), to the right, behind house

2. Forest area, to the north from pedestal

3. Central City, near pedestal

4. Pairie area, to the south-east from pedestal

5. Sand city, to the north-west from pedestal, 2nd column (near quest boss fight location)

6. Floating city, near fast travel pedestal

7. Hidden village of prarie: there is 3 scarecrow what you need (plus, merchant scarecrow and elder scarecrow, who rewards you for finding scarecrows)

8. On the way from Snowfield area to Ice mountain path (right after exiting tunnel)

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