Fei Long

Fei Long Will Not Be Appearing In Any Future Street Fighter Games

Unfortunately, one of the most popular Street Fighter characters, Fei Long, will not be available in any future Street Fighter video games.Fei Long is a character inspired by Bruce Lee, one of the most famous legendary actors and martial artists.

During the livestream on YouTube, Daniel Lindholm, the Street Fighter V composer, was asked about the future of the character Karin. However, instead of getting the exact answer, Daniel responds in a different way.

I do have other sources, not only Capcom, but friends of mine in the U.S., who are very close friends with the Lee family. They have basically said that any kind of resemblance to Mr. Bruce Lee is now omitted for comedic effect. It needs to be honourable. That’s why we won’t see Fei Long again. Ever.


These words from the Street Fighter V composer surely bring a sad message for every Fei Long fan. Fei Long’s last appearance was spotted in Street Fighter V. However, he is an unplayable character in the game and only plays some of the important roles in Rashid’s storyline.