FIFA 20 Update 1.25 Patch Notes Released

Electronic Arts has released the newest update version 1.25 for the football simulation video game FIFA 20.

The new patch 1.25 has been rolled out today, August 19th, to fix some of the reported and known issues in FIFA 20. As seen in the official release notes, the update addressed the issues including the removal of the unused tab in the Special Quality filter.

Apart from that, the update also includes FIFA 20’s stability and performance improvements. FIFA 20 update 1.25 is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Note that this update was first released on PC, so gamers using the PC don’t need to download anything as of this moment.

Check out the detailed patch notes below.

FIFA 20 Update 1.25 Patch Notes

  • When searching for Player Items with the Defender/Midfielder/Forward modifier, the Special Quality Filter would display unselected Item rarities.
  • Removed an unused tab in the Special Quality filter which appeared in some languages.


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