Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon Marked For Death Update 3.0.1 Released, Get Patch Notes Here

Developer Inti Creates has released the latest Dragon Marked for Death update version 3.0.1s which is focused on fixing known bugs and other issues in the game.

Some of the most noteworthy fixes on this Dragon Marked for Death update 3.0.1 is the issue on worldwide matchmaking and early game purchase bonus. The developer has shared the details on how to manually fix and claim the early purchase bonus in the game.

In addition, the new patch also includes stability and performance improvements. You can find the detailed changelog below.

Dragon Marked for Death Update 3.0.1s Patch Notes

  • An issue when using internet matchmaking where “Worldwide” functioned identically to “Same Region” matchmaking has been fixed.
  • An issue where quests in internet matchmaking could be started with parties larger than 4 has been fixed. (Parties greater than 4 members can no longer start quests)
  • An issue where room numbers could not be set in internet matchmaking has been fixed.
  • An issue where the M.Acc.Up effect on equipment would be activated when below the equipment level has been fixed.
  • Performance issues causing drops below 60 FPS have been addressed. (Some players may still experience this issue; we will continue to investigate the problem)
  • Some issues with game text have been fixed.

How to Claim Early Purchase Bonus

For players who can’t find the Striker Gear early purchase bonus equipment for sale in the slums weapon shop, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Open the properties for Dragon Marked for Death in Steam app.
  2. Go to DLC tab, uncheck the install checkbox next to the Striker Gear DLC.
  3. Check the checkbox for the Striker Gear DLC again.

Now, you may now be able to see the Striker Gear in the slums weapons shop. In case it still didn’t appear, make sure to leave a comment below.