Final Theory

Final Theory – Beginner’s Tips and Guides

This video game guide will be covering the basic things new players need to know in Final Theory. In addition to this beginner’s guide, you will also be able to get the tips on how to win the game easily.

Final Theory

Quick Start Guide

At the start, this game can be very unforgiving. Since you can only apply 1 move per turn, be smart with your decisions. Some golden rules:

  • Capture the near vicinity and build a fleet.
  • Around turn 30-50 EXPAND and protect your borders.
  • Once you have 2-3 stronger fleets expand and destroy enemy fleets.
  • Keep in mind to protect your borders.
  • Build cheap Frigate to Explore as a scout.
  • Now, try to build some ships in reserve to deploy when/where needed.
  • Try to find Enrichment stations to get your fleet-size up.. once you have 5-6 ships/fleet things get easier.


Be smart, focus fire to prevent enemies from recovering shield/repair. Use all your buffs/abilities.

Kill Priority:

  1. take out Dreadnaught/Battleship
  2. Battlecruisers/Cruisers
  3. Carriers
  4. Smallfry (Frigates/Corvettes)

Key Abilities

  • Boost shield (good HEAL)
  • Harden Shield (esp. to protect Flagship)
  • Hardening Armor (only Endgame, when Empire has Mark5-7 ships)
  • Micro-jump (Mobility is KING, especially if you play Torpedo-Cruiser fleets)
  • Thermal missiles (360° range 2-3 vs armor)
  • EMP barrage (AoE vs Shields)
  • Thermal barrage (AoE vs Armor once the shield is down)
  • Torpedo (Plasma, Antimatter)


Some basic rules for smart upgrading:

  • New Extra skill > Improving old one
  • Reducing reload time > Improving dmg

Best Weapons

Early/midgame plasma gun (Battleship) and plasma torpedo (Cruiser) is the best all-around. Later on, Antimatter becomes a thing, but the only cruiser can get it X3 and 2 turns to reload.

Unless you play high mobility sharks fleet, Antimatter is weak. But if upgraded, a Mark7/8 Cruiser is a beast and can kill enemy Cruisers/Battlecruisers in 1 turn 80% of the time.

Best Ships

There are lots of options to choose from. But in this guide, we recommend:

  • Dreadnaught: extreme dmg, but lacks ShieldBreaker skills
  • Battleship: Plasma is King in the midgame. Kinetic Cannon is pricy and still outclassed by M5 Dreadnaught.
  • Butterknife: fully upgraded Mark8 CRUISER.


Mark3 + Dreadnaught > Mark5 + Cruiser > Mark3+ Battleship > ..all others

Ideal economic fleet for EXPERT and higher is this:

  • 1-2 Battleship/Dreadnaught (To finish weakened ships – Thermal barrage)
    1-2 BattleCruisers (as shield breaker + EMP barrage, later ShieldBoost + ShieldHardening)
  • 4-6 Cruisers (plasma + antimatter torpedo, then X3, later Hardening)

Even if you experience a loss due to enemy using nuclear Warhead, rebuild in 10-15 turns. For Expert/Master/GrandMaster fast recovery after a loss is absolutely crucial.


AI “Carriers” pump out Corvettes every few turns, so kill those fast. Dangerous unless you have strong dmg per turn (Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships/ Dreadnaughts). But Carriers have a good offense, just beware their EMP rain. Encircle or stay within 1 field as they can’t do much.

Cleaning “Corvettes”:

  • During first 50 turns: 2-4 Carriers are a pain, but doable – just use 3-4 Torpedo Cruisers.
  • Mid/endgame: Battleship/Battlecruiser EMP Barrage + Dreadnaught Thermal Barrage they eat all small ship fleets this game offers.
  • All this is especially important once you play Expert difficulty.


First two options: EASY for Casual Players. Actually, Expert+ difficulty is great, because exploring fast doesn’t reward you a free ship anymore! This makes the game more fair and competitive. Sadly, AI has many other advantages, which keeps it a tough call.

For Master/Grandmaster starting environment is vital. If the spot is not good regarding available resources/enrichment/ships after 10-12turns, start new or the disadvantage will grow.

Master/GM mode rely on you taking out easier garrisons in first 10 turns with just 2 ships. Use Destroyers and upgrade Mark2 (jump drive) after first fights. Be warned that Master/GM turn 40+ is extremely hard!

Additional Notes

The Frigate is not worth it. Destroyer is just a temporary fix to enlarge your Fleet
Carrier is not worth it. Unless it has better supportability. Once Dreadnaught is available, Battleship is quite costly compared to the effectiveness.

And that’s all for today’s Final Theory guide. We would like to thank wespe for submitting this beginner’s guide.

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