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Easy to digest explanations for all achievements in Flynn: Son of Crimson. Hope they’re of service!


Hello! Welcome to my 101% achievements guide; I hope this clarifies any questions or alleviates any struggles you have with Flynn: Son of Crimson :D.

I tried to give as much insight as possible, as there wasn’t an English guide before mine.

I divided the achievements into several categories for ease of use.

Before someone says it, I know that the boss achievements are also unmissable, but it’s easier to categorize them this way.

Unmissable Achievements

Welcome to Rosantica

Obtain your sword from inside the house, and cut the vines to the right to start your adventure!

Oooh, Shiny!

Find a golden relic! There’s one in most levels to find, this achievement becomes mandatory once you get to Sanctia.

Time for an upgrade

Purchase a skill from Loretta’s skill tree, using the red gems you collect across levels. Not available right at the start of the game.

Boss Achievements

General Boss Tips:

  • ABUSE COMBOS!! I can’t overstate this, once you gain skills that create combos, don’t forget to use them!! Although bosses don’t have much knockback, combos are amazing for easy damage output.
  • Different weapons work better for different bosses. Claws are useful for a frenzy of damage on a quick boss, while Axes are useful when one is stunned for a long period.
  • You may not win at first, and that’s okay. Each boss has a pattern they’ll always follow, it’s just a matter of memorizing their attacks and when they do them.
  • Have your desired weapon and magic choice ready to go for whatever boss you’re fighting, or, be able to switch swiftly so you aren’t scrambling. Also, when you have the skill, remember that you can charge your magic shots while doing most other things, take advantage of downtime!

The Whirlwind Assassin

Defeat Bora the Whirlwind Assassin. The 1st boss; located on Mistral Peak.

The Aquatic Voltknight

Defeat Kravios the Aquatic Voltknight. The 2nd boss; located in The Hollow.

Rozia, Just Stop.

Defeat Rozia for the third & last time in Rustwood. Specifically, the Desolate Woods, slightly before the next boss.

The Toxic Marksman

Defeat Xellios the Toxic Marksman. The 3rd boss; located in Rustwood.

The Shadow Sorceress

Defeat Imbra the Shadow Sorceress. The 4th boss; located in Shivering Spire.


Defeat Zealock. The final boss; located in Zealock’s Citadel.

Combat Achievements

Notice for “Who need Gravity?” + “Falling With Style”:

(Prerequisite: You must have a fully developed skill tree stemming from that combat type with all follow-up moves.)

Who needs Gravity?

Perform a full-step arial combo using any weapon. Starting with an uppercut, follow through by continuously attacking the enemy.

Falling With Style

Perform a full-step plummet combo using your sword. Starting by bouncing on your foe, follow through by continuously attacking the enemy.

Chain Reaction

Zap 7 enemies at once with lightning magic (obtained in The Hallow) in a chain. Charge up your powers, and hit anyone to chain them to all enemies close by! Can be easily done on any enemy wave challenge stage, or with an abundance of bees.

Finally.. I was about to give up.

Defeat a training dummy in Sanctia. You might think it’s not working but, hence the achievement name, keep hitting until it dies. Using combos and doing this with more skills can speed up the process.

Smash, Crash, Bash!

Bounce a rock on an enemy 5 times without landing. Normally, one would use one goblin, but most variations don’t have the health to sustain 5 bounces. It instead can be done at the start of The Great Forest easily by using a combination of enemies.

Bo – Bo – Boing!!

Using the sword, pogo-bounce on 4 separate enemies without landing. There are many places with 4 or more enemies inside a hole close together, or otherwise in a position for this. Whenever you see the potential, try this!


When you have ice, lightning, and fire magic (Mistral Peak, The Hallow, and Rustwood respectively) find any non-magical enemy. Then, hit them with a fully-charged blast of each magic in this order to ensure the effects don’t wear:



Completion Achievements

All Skilled Out

Buy every skill from Loretta in Sanctia using red gems scattered across every level. You’ll have almost all the skills by the end, but after Zealock you’ll need to grind a bit more. Citadel Reach is useful for precisely this, getting 500-1000 gems each run.

Yombal happy

Sell all 20 relics to Yombal in Sanctia. Here’s a guide with screenshots of all their locations, and the levels they’re in.

Challenges Challenged.

Complete all 6 challenge stages. These are gauntlets of enemies you must best. There’s one in each of the locations on the map, accessed through alternate exits to certain levels. Usually through a key.

101% Complete

Complete every single level, along with meeting the conditions for “All Skilled Out” and “Yombal happy”.

Misc. Achievements

Wow, Rude.

Spam through Bohrin’s dialogue to skip it. Bohrin is the 1st person you talk to. If you miss this on your first playthrough, it doesn’t take much time to create a new save to quickly nab it.

Hey there, Bax!

Encounter Bax in four distinct locations. You must speak to him in all four for this achievement to pop. He resides in Wildedge Grove, Clearcrest Springs, Desolate Woods, and The Grand Archives.


I hope my guide proved to be helpful in your experience!

This game surprised me with how much I loved it. The breathtaking pixelated graphics, optimal movement, addicting game-play, and compelling story are only a few of the many reasons why this is now one of my favorite games of all time. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to make a guide for this, so others could play this as well as I had.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to comment them!

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