Fortnite Adds New Deathstroke Skin and Announces New Event

Fortnite Deathstroke

Slade Wilson, a fictional supervillain from the DC universe, arrives in Fortnite and will also have a special tournament that can yield prizes.

Fortnite continues to add characters from the DC Comics comics among their special costumes. Now it’s the turn of the Deathstroke, popular villain and enemy of the Green Arrow, Batman, Teen Titans, and Justice League. It arrives in June and comes accompanied by a championship that can give the skin to those who participate.

Deathstroke will arrive in Fortnite on June 1 and the costume includes the Katanas, weapons known to the character – which serve as both a pickaxe and an accessory for the back. We will also have Asa-Delta Destroyer for the villain, which will be sold separately.

It is also possible to receive a code from the Deathstroke Destroyer Glider when purchasing the fourth edition of the Batman/Fortnite comics at your local comic store and launched in Brazil by the Panini Comics publisher.

In the comics, Deathstroke is Slade Wilson, known as the best mercenary in the world, who always fulfills his mission. Extremely lethal, he is a trainer in various martial arts and is an expert in weapons of all kinds. The character inspired the creation of Deadpool, at Marvel, which has also been released in Fortnite.

Deathstroke Zero Cup

Via Epic Games

Participate in the Deathstroke Zero Cup on May 27, 2021, for a chance to unlock the Deathstroke Sero Costume and Deathstroke Katanas before launching in the Item Shop.

This is a solo competition in which players need to fend for themselves, playing up to 10 games in the three-hour period in their region. In addition, all participants who score 8 points or more will receive the Slade’s Watching Spray.

The specific times for each region can be found in the complete tab of the game.