Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile Now Available on Google Play Store

Fortnite has released the mobile version of the game last 2018, but unlike the other mobile games, Fortnite Mobile is not available on Google Play Store. Since its release, Epic Games is the only one exclusively distributing the mobile version on their website.

Previously, Android users are installing the game by downloading the original APK file from Epic Games. But that ends today as Fortnite Mobile has officially arrived on Google Play Store.

Right now, the game’s version on Google Play Store is 12.41.0 and it requires Android 7.1 or higher to play the game. Since the game is pretty new in the platform, there’s a chance that Fortnite mobile may still not appear in some other countries. This is due to the propagation that is happening in the backend of Google Play.

But rest assured as it will soon be popping out on your local Google Play Store app soon. In case you want to get the updated version of the game using Google Play, you can still visit Epic Games to download it.