Fortnite Meteor Rise

Fortnite Season 10: Where To Find Giant Glowing Cube, Landing Pod, and Loot Lake Rift

Fortnite Season 10 ver. 10.30 update has officially arrived which only means that new challenges have been released in the game. Apart from the Season 7 Challenges, Epic Games also released a separate challenge that is available for everyone.

This challenge is called A Meteoric Rise which contains 7 different missions. One of the missions on this challenge requires players to Touch a giant glowing cube, enter the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor. To help you finish these missions and get the rewards, below is the guide where to find and how to complete each task.

Giant Glowing Cube Location

In order to touch the cube, the first thing you need to do is to find it. But where exactly in the map can you find the giant glowing cube?

A Meteoric Rise - Glowing Cube
A Meteoric Rise – Glowing Cube

It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is head to the Greasy Grove and under the floating island. The floating island is powered by the cube and it is constantly changing its location, but don’t worry. It’s just around the Greasy Grove.

Once you already in Greasy Grove, just walk under the floating island. The air pressure will lift you up directly to the glowing cube and just wait until your character hits the cube.

Loot Lake Rift Location

The mission already hints its location. Just go to Loot Lake and you will find the white rift waiting for you.

A Meteoric Rise - Loot Lake Rift

The gravitational pull in that area is pretty dense so you can easily jump straight to the rift.

Landing Pod Location

If you’re still unfamiliar with the map, you can find the Landing Pod in the meteor located between Dusty Depot, Retail Row, and Salty Springs.

A Meteoric Rise - Landing Pod
A Meteoric Rise – Landing Pod

Make sure that you glide and drop on top of the huge meteor since the Landing Pod can be located inside. Find the entrance of the meteor and you will see the Landing Pod on the wall of the meteor waiting for you. Just get close to the Landing Pad and wait for the notification to pop up confirming that you have successfully completed the challenge.

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