Foundation Achievement Walkthrough Guide and Tips

Achieving 100% completion and how I unlocked all the achievements! Additionally, I’ll provide some tips for the things I encountered along the way that weren’t adequately explained in any of the information panels. I hope this information proves useful to someone, and please let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to include in the guide. I’ll be adding pictures soon.


Your First Church

If you follow the steps outlined in the first guide when starting a new map, you’ll be able to obtain this achievement without much difficulty. Begin by constructing a Rustic Church, and then build a room, a bell tower, and a door. Once these have been completed, you’ll meet the requirements for the achievement.

Bad Weather Survivour

For this achievement, all you need to do is accumulate a large stockpile of food to ensure that you don’t run out during the month-long rain event. Simply wait out the event to obtain the achievement.


Once you’ve acquired your second piece of territory (accessible via the flag tab), you’ll unlock this achievement. You begin with one free territory, so purchasing an additional one will meet the requirements for the achievement.

Bathing in Gold

This achievement takes some time and is more of an end-game accomplishment. Depending on your preferred playstyle, you may choose to scatter small treasuries throughout your map for aesthetic purposes, or build one or two large, unsightly structures to generate profits. To unlock treasuries, you must first construct the Manor House (which is available from the start of the game), then unlock the Military Base (by reaching 10 prosperity in the Kingdom tree, which includes the Military Fort), and finally the Clergy (by reaching 30 prosperity and 5 rating/splendor in the Clergy tree).

Once treasuries are unlocked, you can select them as a sub-function when constructing or editing these buildings. While building or editing, you can increase the height of the building to expand the treasury limit (highlighted in green). A useful tip is to select a building with a high initial limit, such as a monastery, and then increase its height to maximize the limit. There are two types of buildings to choose from: one uses only stone but has a smaller limit, while the other uses polished stone and has the highest limit. To reach a treasury of 10,000, you will need 3-4 of the larger buildings to allow profits to fill it.

Once you reach 10,000 gold you will obtain the achievement.

A growing village!

The achievement for this one is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming. If you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock all the necessary buildings and attract enough plebs to fill those positions.

A thriving city!

This task can be quite challenging, so I suggest doing it towards the end of the game when you are no longer invested in it or if you plan to start over again (as restarting is quite tempting in this game). Typically, most maps require only 250-300 plebs to function, so the last 200 can be a bit monotonous. Depending on your play style, you can choose to expand your lands or try the lazy method I describe below.

TIP: Construct a separate military fort that contains only barracks, with a nearby church, market offering only one food type, and a well to keep your people content. Then, train all newcomers as militiamen until your population reaches 500, and you’ll end up with a result like this:

OMG, a black sheep. Impossible!!

To obtain a black sheep, simply keep spawning sheep until you get one. It typically takes around 60 sheep, and there is even a playful script on the tab where you spawn the sheep. However, keep in mind that spawning sheep will not affect the desirability of your game. Additionally, if you wish, you can de-spawn the sheep once you are finished with them.

Sound the trumpets!

After constructing a military fort and enlisting some militiamen, you can start sending them on missions by accessing the “Mission” tab in the progression book. Once you have built the fort, the kingdom will provide you with some free swords. It’s a good idea to equip your soldiers with weapons (although this is entirely up to you), which you can do by navigating to the “Soldiers” tab under the “Missions” section. If you act quickly, you can send your soldiers on a training battle called the “Proving Ground” with the kingdom to gain experience as soon as you receive the swords. Once your soldiers return victorious from their initial mission, you will unlock an achievement. For more tips and tricks, check out the military section of my guide.

We band of Brothers

I was able to achieve this accomplishment back when the game setup was different. However, since the full release, the method of obtaining this achievement has changed. I am currently in the process of figuring out the new method and will update my guide accordingly. My current theory is that successfully completing every named campaign will lead to unlocking the achievement.

In my second round of testing, we attempted to unlock the achievement by completing the first “Proving Ground” mission that the kingdom provides once you build your first military building. Strangely enough, upon completing this single mission, we received both the “Sound the trumpets!” and “We band of Brothers” achievements. It’s unclear whether this is a bug or if completing this mission prevents players from unlocking the achievement quickly. We will need to test it on a third account to be sure.

Upon further testing, we created a new steam account and ignored the Proving Ground mission, instead opting to complete an easy mission. Surprisingly, we were still able to unlock the achievement. It seems likely that the game’s mission system has been updated, which is why players are receiving the achievement in different ways. Alternatively, it could just be a bug.

A Legend is born

To obtain the “A Knight to Remember” achievement/masterpiece, you will need to promote a soldier to a Knight. This will require you to have promoted six militians (who need to be level 4 to promote) to soldiers via the Mandate tab. Once at least one of your soldiers reaches level 10, you can then promote them to a Knight. However, keep in mind that for every Knight, you will need five soldiers (rank Soldier, not Militian). To efficiently work towards this achievement/masterpiece, it is recommended to level up six troops at the same time.

The beginning of knowledge

To obtain the achievement for studying a blueprint in the game, you will need to acquire a blueprint by completing military campaigns. When selecting a military campaign, you can see a list of possible rewards, including a 10% chance for a unique reward, which could be a blueprint. However, acquiring blueprints can be a challenging task and may require completing numerous missions unless you’re lucky.

Once you obtain a blueprint, you can find it listed among your resources. Then, you can have your bailiff study it in the Mandate tab, much like prospecting a mine site. Once the blueprint has been studied, you will unlock the achievement.

Knowledge is all!

Be aware that although the picture may show only three blueprints, there are actually four blueprints that you can obtain by completing missions and having your bailiff study them. The four blueprints include a statue, an administration building, and two different churches.

Achievements – Masterpieces

To obtain the next set of achievements, you will need to build masterpieces and fulfill their effect conditions. I will provide you with information on how to unlock the masterpieces, tips for filling their effect conditions, and other useful advice in this section.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

To unlock a monument, you need to sell goods worth between 1,500 to 2,000 via trade within two weeks. The exact amount may vary, but I personally followed a tip that recommended selling 2,000. When I reached the masterpiece, I had sold around 1,600 worth of goods.

Once you meet this condition, the monument will reward you with significantly increased desirability, turning the area into a bright green from the previous red color.

Here’s a tip that worked for me: I stopped trading for about a month to accumulate enough goods, then resumed trading at the beginning of the month so that I could monitor my progress. I got the masterpiece just before two weeks when I had sold 1,600 worth of goods. You can check your progress through the budget tab.

Once built filling the effect conditions, the achievement was unlocked.

A Modest Symbol

One way to obtain 50 splendor with a monument is by using the monastery, as it is the easiest way. When building or editing, the splendor or rating is represented by little stars. If a building piece does not have a star, it does not add to the splendor rating. Therefore, to quickly gain splendor, it’s best to choose parts with a higher star rating. You can find the star at the top of the extended tab when hovering over parts to build.

Once you achieve this condition, the monument will reward you with +1.0 Clergy Influence per week.

TIP: This one requires gold bars, gems and marble so make sure you are already gathering those resources.

An Eternal Fountain

To unlock this masterpiece, you need to survive the storm or bad weather event without anyone leaving your village.

Once you meet this condition, the monument will reward you by halving the maintenance cost of your buildings.

A Gateway to Greatness

To unlock this masterpiece, you need to promote six soldiers to knights through the mandate tab. However, this task can be time-consuming as you need to upgrade them from Militian to Soldier, and then to Knight. Moreover, each soldier must be at the top level of their rank to be upgraded, i.e., Militian (level 4) and Soldier (level 10). Additionally, you must have five soldiers for every knight.

It’s worth noting that this is the last masterpiece to be built and it is huge, but there is no reward from the monument when this condition is met.

TIP: I suggest grouping your militians in teams of 6 so that when they are all soldiers one can become the Knight. You will need 36 soldiers to get 6 Knights.

A Knight to Remember

Upon completing the ‘Kings Pledge’ mission or campaign, which becomes available after upgrading some troops (even having just 1 Knight can trigger it), players will be presented with the option to undertake this Very Difficult mission of Unknown distance. The mission will require some time and effort to complete, and success is necessary to unlock the masterpiece.

Once the condition is met and the monument is rewarded, players can enjoy the benefit of having their Luxury need last 150% longer.

TIP: Go on the campaigns “Train to Northbury” and “Raid an Armory” to gain spears which make your troops stonger than swords.

Your Own Botanical Wonder

After unlocking and building the tavern and kitchen through the labour progression tab, players must proceed to construct a service counter and assign a commoner and beer to sell (as soldiers tend to prefer it). Then, the kitchen must be built, and another commoner should be assigned to make and sell meals using cheese and boar. After selling 10 meals, a singer will apparently appear, unlocking the masterpiece. Though note that there may be no notification about the singer, and the condition may be fulfilled once beer and 10 meals are sold.

Upon meeting the condition, players will be rewarded with a 200% increase in the building’s splendour from the monument.

A Feudal Pharmacy!

Unlocking this masterpiece can be a challenging task. According to some sources, it can be unlocked by having troops get wounded. However, the game can be buggy, and the condition may not be triggered even if players have many militia and soldier casualties, and even if two knights are injured. Some players reported that they were able to unlock it after reloading the game. There’s no confirmation as to how many wounded troops of each rank are needed to fulfill the condition, but players are advised to keep wounding their troops on missions until they unlock it.

Once the condition is met, the reward from the monument is an increase of 2 in the soldier recovery speed.

A Path the Soul Would Have Us Follow

Unlocking this masterpiece is a straightforward process, although it may take some time to complete. Players need to promote their monks through the mandate tab, using manuscripts instead of money. Monks are the only ones who can produce manuscripts in the monastery scriptorium, a sub-function building unlocked via the clergy tree. Players must promote their monks from Novice to Brothers/Sisters, and then to a Prior/Prioress. For every 10 Brothers OR Sisters, players can promote one to a Prior OR Prioress.

Once the condition is met, the monument’s reward is the possibility of having pilgrims visit the shrine and potentially join the village.

Tip: Note that it is possible to use either Brothers or Sisters to fulfill the condition, but players must have 10 of the same gender to promote them to a Prior or Prioress.

I think this masterpiece is the best!

Hope Shines Through

To unlock this masterpiece, players must obtain 50 Influence with the clergy tree. It is essential to note that Influence is distinct from splendour. Influence refers to the little coins that players earn and spend, while splendour is represented by stars.

Once the condition is met, players will be rewarded with a new trade route unlocked from the monument.

Filling Effect Conditions
For each masterpiece, players must meet specific placement requirements. These requirements are generated randomly for each masterpiece and may not always be suitable for the current map. Here are some of the placement requirements that players might encounter:
  • All parts by the riverside: This requirement necessitates building the masterpiece close to water, either a river or the ocean. Players must ensure that the effect condition is at 100%, which means it’s close enough to the water.
  • Surrounded by forest: This requirement can be met by building the masterpiece within a generated or planted forest. Players must ensure that the condition is at 100%, indicating that it’s completely surrounded by trees.
  • Above all buildings: Players must build the masterpiece above the nearby buildings, ideally on hills or cliffs. The condition will show green when it’s correctly placed.
  • Must be part of the building containing the Great Hall: Players can only have one great hall attached to their manor house, monastery, or military fort. They must edit the great hall building and ensure that it’s highlighted yellow and not another sub-function building.
  • Far from other buildings: As the name suggests, the masterpiece should be away from other buildings. The condition will show green when it’s correctly placed.
  • Minimum number of non-decorative parts: The masterpiece must have a minimum number of non-decorative parts, which players can check through the counter next to the condition. If possible, players can attach it to a building to use some of the parts. However, they must avoid using any decoration (beautification flower).
  • Maximum number of decorative parts: This requirement allows players to use decorations such as flowers or cypress trees to enhance the masterpiece.

Achievements – Aspirations

Dedicated to the Labour

Have 100 Citizens (Citizen the status, not population count). Promote villagers via the mandate tab serf > commoner > citizen

Dedicated to the Labour HARD!

In the same map/save game not only have 100 Citizens but also never generate (never sell) revenue from trade routes. (You can still buy goods, this doesn’t not affect the achievement)

Dedicated to the Kingdom

Succeed the KINGS PLEDGE military mission. Complete but also succeed, if you fail you’ll just have to try again.

Dedicated to the Kingdom HARD!

Succeed the KINGS PLEDGE military mission and also sell 100 swords via trade routes within 30 days. Stock 100 swords in your warehouse, have a levelled up trade route so he can carry more stuff and this isn’t as hard as is seems.

Dedicated to the Clergy

Build the Monastery Abbitial Church, this can be unlocked via the clergy tree when you have Prosperity: 250 Rating: 100 Influence: 50

Dedicated to the Clergy HARD!

Build the Monastery Abbitial Church and never promote a villager. Meaning you can only ever have serfs, militians and novice monks.

Completing all aspirations in one game can be challenging, but you can complete all except for the two Labour aspirations and the Clergy HARD in one game. To achieve this, you should avoid selling goods and promote anyone. Once you’re ready, create a save game.

In Game 1, you can build the Abbitial Church to fulfill both Clergy aspirations. It’s worth noting that building the church requires marble, so it’s advisable to look for a mine as soon as possible.

In Game 2, you can complete the Labour Aspirations by promoting your serfs to commoners and then to citizens. This will cost you 20 gold for each serf you promote to a commoner and 100 gold for each commoner you promote to a citizen. Keep in mind that once you promote your commoners to citizens, they will start demanding goods. You should wait until you have 100 commoners and 10,000 gold to promote them all at once. However, sustaining a population of 100 citizens can be difficult, so you can quit the game after promoting them all to complete this aspiration.

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