Frogsong Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

A Guide for getting 100% Completion/ Achievements


Hello! This Guide is intended to help guide through getting that 100% save and all the extra Achievements .

First time making a guide so if there are any areas that are unclear or confusing, let me know and I’ll edit, clarify and clean up as necessary. I will do my best to be spoiler free and not go into detail regarding plot, just enough to give some context for achievements/directions for completing them. So, lets hop to it!

Story Achievements

Here are Achievements from just doing the quest of the main story- in other words,can’t be missed no matter how hard you try to.

Note: After the day 2 patch, some story Achievements have been fixed to pop when completed, but I personally didn’t get them to pop after opening the game post patch. Should you have this issue from completing them before this patch,you can start a new file and chapter select to re do the chapters you didn’t get to pop your first playthrough. Or do another playthough, its a good game.

New Beginnings
Complete Chapter 1

Unlocks after getting to Boreala and sleeping after being told of your nice new house to sleep in.

Complete Chapter 2

After getting the steel and talking to Bufo, settling in for the night pops this achievement.

Back Home
Complete Chapter 3

Unlocks after returning and sleeping from your trip to Tennsfall.

The Storm
Complete Chapter 4

Unlocks after coming back to Boreala in the rain with a little guidance from a friend.

Complete Chapter 5

Unlocks after your chat with Rana and Basalt.

The Snnikt
Complete Chapter 6

Best the final fight,warts and all.

Weapon Achievements

These Achievements are tied to your blade and its upgrades. First one may be required for story progression, but the last two require a bit more froggy legwork. The start of Chapter 2 introduces you to Rimbal, Boreala’s blacksmith, who will be your go to for these 3 Achievements.

Sharp Blade
Upgrade your blade for the first time at Rimbal’s shop

First ones on the house, just talk to him as part of Chapter 2 quest line and you’ll get a free upgrade for your blade(a first for video game blacksmiths I do believe.)

Extra Sharp
Upgrade your blade further at Rimbal’s shop

Cant be done until the start of Chapter 3, and will set you back 100 money(beads?).

Salamander Steel
Perfect your blade at Rimbal’s shop

This one requires you to pay up another 100 beads and one bar of Salamander Steel. Spoiler for Steel location:Can be found in the Salamander Village by following the signs in The Swamp of Glune. Talk to the salamander in front of the furnace for a free bar of sweet salamander steel.

Treasure Hunter/Lilystones

Treasure Hunter
Collect all 8 lilystones

By far the longest of the Achievements to do, this one requires you to find all 8 lilystones around the world. Each lilystone will boost Chorus’s Resolve,giving them a extra point of health. Here I will show the map location as well as a picture of the overworld location should it be tucked away in secret pathways or something of the sort.

If you find yourself struggling with finding or solving the puzzles some are locked behind check this spoiler for some extra help:

WIthin the forest on the way to Tennsfall you can find a frog who will mark the location of lilystones on your map. For help with Puzzles,in options there is a setting that will add gold signs near puzzles to give extra help in solving them, or just let your have them be auto solved which is very nice of them.

Lillystone 1:Found on the main road on your way to Boreala in front of the temple.

Lillystone 2: Found on the path to the training grounds, has a button puzzle to go with it.

Lillystone 3: Found behind the waterfall(always the waterfall) outside The Copper City. There’s a small hidden path by the side of the waterfall to get behind it.

Lillystone 4: Found behind a Cracked wall on the road to The Copper City, has a “lights out” puzzle to solve.(bomb required) (Picture shows location of the cracked wall, just blow that sucker and follow the path it opens for the puzzle/lilystone.)

Lillystone 5: Found outside Boreala behind a cracked wall. (bomb required)

Lillystone 6: Found on your way to Tennsfall, complete with a bing bong bell puzzle to crack.

Lillystone 7: Found within the The Swamp of Glune, on a not all too noticeable path. Be ready to deal with a swarm of chatternymphs. (map shows start of path, follow it all the way to the end for the lilystone)

Lillystone 8: Also found within the The Swamp of Glune, on a hidden path off one side room.


In my usual desires to talk to and find every bit of stuff I can, I’ve come across some bits and pieces that, well if I’m being honest, I don’t know if you needed to do it for 100% or not. No Achievements seem to be tied to them, but here they are regardless for completions sake.

A Rocking Good Item
Within the Salamander town in The Swamp of Glune, convince the keep you are totally, 100% ready and capable of handling…whatever it is they are giving you. Once you get it, you’ll totally understand the hesitancy in entrusting it to just anyone.

A Religious Trinket
Again within the Swamp on your way through, you’ll come to a room with a small purple rock looking item on the ground you can pick up. (Its not shown in the picture on the ground but its there I swear.)

Its Just Good Manners
near the beginning of the path to the training grounds you can find..a really big hole. What else would be in a really big hole but, a really big frog? This fella insist you bring him some worms if your going to just invite yourself into their home. These worms can be found from a very inconspicuous frog within the forest on your way to Tennsfall where you can get almost all of them for free, save the last one. Give him a honeydew drink and that last worm is yours. I, do not notice a difference between giving one and giving all as it seems giving one will check the box for the goal, but getting all of them does free our froggy friend from the burden of worm, so there’s that.

Plushy Time
In the copper city there is a vendor selling 3 plushies for you to buy for decorating your house.

Plushy Time 2: Memory Lane Boogaloo
Once you find yourself here, why don’t you grab that long time friend?


I loved this game. It’s a treat and I hope you love it and enjoy it too. Should there be any errors, issues, or questions about anything in this guide or anything left out, I will do my best to address and fix. Until next time, Have a good rest of your day, Lamp!

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