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Garfield Kart – Furious Racing Complete Achievement Guide

A clear, concise guide to understanding the fundamentals of Garfield Kart Furious Racing and getting all achievements in the game, allowing you to ascend to Valhalla and savor the glory of your victory for all eternity. to allow you to create a testament to your resolve, and let everyone know you can beat them in the best game to ever grace this plane of existence. the path of the worthy is wrought with thorns.


There are two main kart builds used to get the majority of the achievements in this guide, Jon with matching kart and spoiler along with the pizzaiolo hat for all achievements where first place is needed, and full matching Liz kart with the bunny band hat for all puzzle pieces. you can use a different build if you are more comfortable with something else but these are what i have found to work the best. the Liz build is by far the best for the puzzle pieces as the extra springs make the challenge more forgiving. Something I would highly recommend is skipping the first two tiers of hats and spoilers and after you find the build you plan to use just because the 150cc isn’t much harder and it cuts out unnecessary work into getting obsolete items.

Non-sequential Achievements

Cat’s Good With Me

Complete a race in any mode or category

This is by far the easiest achievement in the game with you simply having to complete a race to get it. Your first race is a good point to try out karts and find a build you think you’ll play well with.


Trigger a super cannon start

another easy achievement, simply hold the gas just before the countdown fully hits 1, it may take a few tries to get the timing right but after a few races you should have the timing down.

Puzzle Piece Achievements

this is where you’ll want to start using the Liz build i mentioned earlier for the extra springs, majority of the puzzle pieces require springs to get to.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Win your 1st puzzle piece.

Jumpin’ Cat Flash

Complete your 1st image.

Artist Cat

Win all 48 pieces of the puzzle

* See bottom of this guide for puzzle piece locations.

Hat Achievements

Hats are important to your build as they give the player specific advantages that can benefit your play style. Hats each have three tiers, one for each race difficulty, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. There are 8 universal hats and one unique hat for each character totaling 16.

Cat Out of Hell

Win your 1st hat

The Cat’s Meow

Win your 1st unique hat


Win all the hats

The Great Cat Hatter

Win all the golden hats

Each track has a hat unlocked when winning so just go through each track and win one at a time. Keep in mind that you have to be in the single track mode in order to unlock the hats, Grand Prix sadly does not unlock hats regardless of if you win the race or not.

Spoiler Achievements

You get spoilers from getting in every race in a Grand Prix. each Grand Prix you complete will give you the two spoilers connected to its completion, just as with hats there are three tiers for 50cc, 100cc and 150cc.

Purrrfect Spoiler

Win your 1st spoiler


Get all the spoilers

Super Mechano Cat

Win all the golden spoilers

The spoilers are some of the hardest achievements to unlock as you have to hold a winning streak and for the whole Prix, there are a lot of times when an AI will hit you with a Pie just before the finish making restart the whole Prix which can be very frustrating. Using Jon’s Pizzaiolo hat for the extra Pies can help bully the other racers out of a 1st place spot and can definitely come in handy.

Kart Combo Achievements

Kart combos give a large boost to your kart’s performance, so if you want to make a good build your going to need keep the combos in mind.

there are two achievements related to kart combos in the game they are:

Feline It

Use your 1st perfect combo in a race

Combination Sensation

Use all the perfect combos in a race

you should unlock the first achievement early as you’ll get this with your first kart build whether it be the one I recommended or something something from another character you’ve come up with. if your confused about what matches with which character you’ll see a small icon by the preview in the select screen that shows the colors of each part of your build, match to one color to make a perfect combo.

Puzzle Piece Locations

I have yet to find a guide that shows each puzzle piece instead of linking a hour long YouTube video getting all of them so here you go. (All the puzzle pieces should be easier to spot when you find them in-game, they are transparent in these screenshots because I’ve collected them already)

Catz in the Hood

1. – Just in front of the boost after the first turn, very easy to find

2. – In the middle of the tar on the main shortcut of the level

3. – Use a spring to jump over the roadblocks near the start of the track, continue to the end of the road and in the middle just before the ledge is the last puzzle piece for this map

Crazy Dunes

1. – Behind the rubble on the first big turn of the track, partially visible when making the turn

2. – Just after the rubble turn, the piece is floating above the track on the next turn, spring required to reach

3. – This piece is in the air after the first jump of the track, you can use a boost off the ramp and air strafing to get the piece relatively easily.

Palerock Lake

1. – On the first wooden pier there is a shortcut on the right side, go up the shortcut ramps and floating over the ramp is the first piece

2. – On the lily also apart of this shortcut, you’ll have to go out of your way to get this piece as its to the far left side of the lily pad cluster.

3. – On the second pier section of the map just before you go back to the start you’ll see a raised section of the pier, go up the raised pier and on the right side of the ramp edge is the last puzzle piece for this track

City Slicker

1. – The first piece is in a small shortcut similar to the one on catz in the hood except this time you don’t need a spring to get to it

2. – The second piece is just after the first to the left of the first divider

3. – The third and final piece for this track is in the center of the U turn before the fountain.

Country Bumpkin

1. – The first puzzle piece is on the right side of the barn set on the track, the front side of the barn is blocked with hay bales you’ll need to either jump over or you can go the wrong way to get behind them.

2. – On the inside of the turn just after the fork, nothing special required to get, it just on the roadway

3. – After the fork turn you’ll come up on another turn around a hay bale, go between the wheat field and the hay bale onto the mud and you’ll find the piece.

Spooky Manor

1. – The first piece requires a spring to get to as its on the shortcut in the cave

2. – After the cave, use the ramp boost in the middle of the track to hit the piece floating in the air.

3. – The last piece for this track is on the shortcut ramp just after start, you’ll need a spring to get to it.

Mally Market

1. – The first puzzle piece for this track is on the divider between the near and far side of the parking lot just after the start of the race.

2. – Inside the underground parking lot you’ll find the next piece cutting the turn on the close side of the pillar.

3. – The last piece for this track is found over the hedge by the fountain roundabout just after the parking garage.

Valley of Kings

1. – Behind the pillar at the entrance of the temple, on the right side.

2. – through the temple entrance the track splits into three weaving sections of track, hold toward the left wall until you see the piece on the ledge of the track.

3. – The last piece is over a ramp past the point where the three tracks converge.

Puzzle Piece Locations Cont.

Play Misty For Me

1. – The first piece is over the water hazard on the inside of the turn just before the cargo lift. a spring is needed to reach the piece.

2. – Second piece is on a shortcut piece of road you have to use a spring to get to.

3. – The last piece is in the tunnels over the middle track. once again, a spring is needed to reach it.

(its very hard to see in this picture but it is there over the middle of the course.)


1. – The first piece of this track is the easiest, being on the ledge of the ramp on the shortcut track in the cave, a spring i required to get this piece

2. – After the first turn use a spring to jump the railing to skip the next turn by flying off the ledge and the piece will be floating in the air.

3. – One of, if not,

THEhardest piece to get in the game is in the trees just after the large ramp. to get this piece you’ll need to boost up the hill and launch yourself with a spring, meaning you have to get a boost as your first and a spring as your second power up.

Blazing Oasis

1. – Just before the track splits into three separated pieces, you’ll find the first puzzle piece for this track on the left side wall. A spring is required to reach this piece.

2. – the second piece is over a pit hazard in the track on a snaking section of track after the three parts converge back into one main track, yet again a spring is needed to reach this piece.

3. – after the snaking turns there is a large ramp, to the far right side of this ramp, floating in the air, is the last puzzle piece for this track. You will need to use a spring on the boost that’s sitting on the ramp to vault yourself high enough to get to piece.

Pastacosi Factory

1. – The first Puzzle piece for this track is on crates above the shipping area of the factory. A spring is need to get into the truck that connects this area to the track and either another spring or a boost is needed to get enough speed to clear the gap between the crates to get this piece.

2. – The second piece is in the packing facility after a jump to a shortcut, you can either use a spring to get the shortcut or go past it and drive back to it.

3. – The last piece is easy to find, its on the inside of a turn in the outside area just before hitting the start again.

Mysterious Temple

1. – The first piece is in the first large room of the temple over the middle divider on the left side.

2. – The second piece is over the pit hazard in the next large room from the first piece

3. – The last piece is over another pit hazard in the center of the room later on in the track.

Prohibited Site

1. – In the air over a ledge in the track is the first puzzle piece of this map, you will need a spring to reach this piece.

2. – The second piece on this track is in the mud to the left side of the crate sitting close to the track. you’ll see it after jumping down from the tunnel and going around the turn.

3. – The last piece is farther ahead in the track and is after the next tunnel drop off. there is a pit hazard on the right side of the turn, the piece is in the air . A spring is also required to get this piece.

Caskou Park

1. – On the boost to the far left of the ramps section of track just after the start.

2. – just past the median floating in the air close to the middle on the left side.

3. – On the last turn before hitting the end of the lap. on the inside of the turn in the grass, pretty hard to miss.

Loopy Lagoon

1. – The first piece is in the grass in the middle of the three snaking parts of the track during the split just after the start.

2. – The second piece is over a jump skip on the bridge section of the track, a spring is required.

3. – The last piece is in the air over the pier.

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