Gedonia – Spruce Up Player Home Mod Deco and Foundation Guide

This guide is specifically for the Mod “Spruce Up Player Home”. Its goal is to show the player how to get the camera inside the player’s home in order to lay down the 10 foundations. It will also show the yard/outside decorations used, and their locations, in case the player wants to recreate exactly how the pictures look. This information needed to be a guide in order for the actual mod page to not be overly cluttered with pictures and explanations.


The player’s home in this mod has been placed so that it lines up with the foundation pieces the player can build/place in the game. As you can see below, there is still quite a bit of room that’s still available to build on.

Further on down I’ll show you how to get inside your house to place your foundations as well as what outside/yard decorations I used so you can make it look like the pictures, if you’d like.

Placing Your Foundations

The best way to get your camera inside your home to place your foundations is:

  • First: Zoom all the way into your character until you can’t zoom in anymore
  • Second: Target the “Build Podium”, click “F”, and then make sure you are in the “Housing” mode and not the “Outside/Yard” mode
  • Third: Move your camera (Using WASD) and go inside the center of your house (being in the center just makes it easier since you can just stay in one place and then rotate your camera around with the mouse)
  • Fourth: You can now place your foundations. It will take 10 foundations to be placed to make the floor ready for decorating. Without the foundations being placed, it is currently impossible to place anything on the house floor. The game will not recognize the “mod placed house” as a foundation, making it impossible to use the decorations.

I will talk about an 11th foundation piece that can be temporarily placed, decorated, and then removed, down in the section: 11th Foundation Piece (Temporary).

  • First Picture: I’m zoomed in as close as I can and getting ready to hit “F”
  • Second and Third Picture: I moved the camera inside to the center of the house and rotated the camera


Decorating is pretty much self explanatory. There are some things to be aware of though.

  • Rugs: The 3 rugs we have to choose from do not sit flush against the floors. Meaning, some of the bottom parts of furniture, the bookshelf for example, will disappear under the rug and look pretty awkward. The Dev would probably have to adjust the heights of the rugs so they are lower and sit closer to the level of the floors.
  • Stone Foundation: The Stone Foundation is slightly higher than the Wood Foundation. Just keep that in consideration if you want to use them.
  • Wall Decorations: There are several wall decorations we can use. Only one of them actually requires a wall to use it. That one item is the candle (wall candle) (see the section below about temporary walls). All of the other wall decorations only require the need for a foundation. And since you will already have placed the foundations, you can literally place all the other wall decorations anywhere you want.

I’ve moved into the center of the house and getting ready to place the foundations

The foundations have been placed as well as some decorations

My character inside as a reference for everything

Temporary 11th Foundation Piece and Walls

Remember, the “mod-placed house” is not recognized by the game. The floor decorations can only be placed on the game’s foundations. And one wall item (the candle) can only be placed on the game’s walls.

Place down a foundation

Place down decorations

Delete the foundation and the decorations remain

Same steps as above, except using a wall this time. Place down a wall, place your candle on it, delete the wall and the candle remains

Yard Decorations

This section is only needed if you want to know what decorations I used and where I placed them. In total I used 16 Fences, 3 Farms (one of each), and 1 Well.

The below pictures will show you where I placed everything:

Shows an overview of the 3 farms as well as two fence pieces under the house window

This is a closer shot of the two fence pieces as well as two of the farms

Shows the third farm

Shows the well and fence pieces used, between the Tavern and Church…front and back pictures

Shows the fence pieces used between the Church and Guard Tower…front and back pictures

Shows the fence pieces used between the Guard Tower and the Stable…front and back pictures

Known Issues

Target Dummy:

  • Placing a Target Dummy near the NPC Mage and/or Priest, (both are in the church), will cause them to face it and repeatedly try to attack it. Once the target is removed they will stop attacking it, BUT, they will now be permanently facing toward the target’s location. To fix this you would either have to reload a previous save or kill the NPC/s and wait for them to respawn in their correct position.

NPC Mage Faction Member:

  • The Mage Faction Member has no audio or speech attached to him when trying to talk to him. This is either a bug or an oversight from the Dev.

NPC Potion Vendor:

  • The Potion Vendor in the Tavern is slowly losing her hair due to too much stress. “Hopefully” this will be fixed by the Dev later on down the road.

Leaving your house and hitting the top of the door with your head:

  • When leaving your house you will sometimes slam your head into the top of the door frame. You can either wiggle your character back and forth or just jump. Doing either will always get you out the door. The reason this happens was to prevent texture clipping errors between the actual house floor and the placed foundations. Meaning, when trying to place one item over the other, the game can’t decide which textures to display so there will be a constant flashing battle between both of them back and forth, back and forth (anyone that has modded a Bethesda game knows this all too well). So to prevent this, the mod house was placed slightly lower in the ground, hence, you might bang your head.
This guide about was written by ELDERBLIVION. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concern about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.