The Yaksha's Wish Quest

Genshin Impact : The Yaksha’s Wish Quest Guide

Completing the side quests in Genshin Impact are as important as the main quest. Just like the world quests, players will be getting different rewards such as EXP and random items.

One of these side quests in Genshin Impact is called The Yaksha’s Wish that can be obtained in one of the ruin tablets near Jueyun Karst. If you’re planning to finish this quest as fast as possible, here is the detailed guide for you.

The Yaksha's Wish Quest

This The Yaksha’s Wish Guide will tell you the exact locations of the clues that are needed to open the stone tablet.

The Yaksha’s Wish Clue Locations

  • Clue 1 – (0:21)
  • Clue 2 – (0:50)
  • Clue 3 – (1:40)

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