Pokemon GO Smeargle

How To Easily Catch Smeargle In Pokemon GO

Following the hints that Niantic has been doing these past few days, the company has finally released Smeargle in Pokemon GO.

Smeargle is a Generation 2 normal-type Pokemon which has the most interesting moves in the game. While many are arguing how Niantic will implement his Sketch move, which permanently copies the last move by the enemy, they finally come up with an idea.

Pokemon GO Smeargle Snapshot
Pokemon GO Smeargle Snapshot

Apart from that, Niantic also introduced Smeargle with a twist. Instead of just normally releasing Smeargle in the wild and letting players to catch it, they have used the newest feature called GO Snapshot to find Smeargle. If you still don’t have any idea, here’s how it works:

How To Find and Catch Smeargle

As mentioned above, Smeargle copies the move of the enemy. In Pokemon GO, instead of using Smeargle to a fight to copy their moves, you can copy the moves of a Pokemon by taking a snapshot of the Pokemon that you want Smeargle to copy.

  1. Choose a Pokemon (that you want to copy the move) and go into GO Snapshot mode.
  2. Take photos of that Pokemon.
  3. Check the picture if you got photobombed by Smeargle.
  4. Once Smeargle photobombed your shot, return to the map and catch Smeargle.

After successfully capturing Smeargle, it will have the same move set as the Pokemon that you photographed in GO Snapshot mode. Please do note that Smeargle only appears once a day, which means you only have a chance to catch 1 Smeargle per day.

There are reports that players haven’t encountered any Smeargle after more 200 shots. In my case, I managed to capture Smeargle in just 45 shots. As of writing, we still don’t have the data on how rare Smeargle appear in GO Snapshot.

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