Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG

Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG Update Patch Notes

Gloria Victis update has finally been released and players can now download this new patch anytime. The new update brings some changes with the abandoned mines, mining progression, and the newest Lunar New Year event that every player can enjoy.

Apart from these features, developer Black Eye Games also includes some quality life improvements for the game. One of the main highlights for this quality of life improvement is the introduction of the three new cosmetic skins.

To learn more about this new Gloria Victis update, feel free to read the full release notes below.

Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG Update Patch Notes

Character Development – Mining

We are implementing a new Character Development Tree to the game related to mining. We are happy to see that this feature works as intended, giving players some more short and long-term tasks and targets, as well, decreasing the entry threshold to various game systems.

As in previous professions covered by this solution, you are now able to develop your skill and unlock higher-tier mining tools – pickaxes, and the ability to mine rarer resources. Unlocking further nodes in the mining tree will grant special bonuses, including bonuses to the amount of mined resources, mining time reduction, or tool durability burn reduction.

Like in the past, we are unlocking the main nodes of the tree based on the player’s level in Mining and Metallurgy. Characters with this profession levels between 11-34 will have Mastery 1 unlocked, between 35-59 will have Masteries 1 and 2 unlocked, between 60-79 will have Masteries 1, 2, and 3 unlocked, and characters above level 80 will have all masteries unlocked. Main nodes are unlocked for every character created before today’s update.

This system will add more depth to mining, and give players more opportunities to check the newly added…

Abandoned Mines!

We’re adding new events and locations to the game world. While exploring, you will find abandoned mines full of resources, which have chances to spawn the rarest crafting materials, including magnetite.

The importance of magnetite in the game economy slightly decreased after reworking the resources gathering and introducing resource veins, as it allowed to gather higher tier resources faster and more efficiently. So the demand on the top tier resources was lower than the supply, resulting in a drop in the value of magnetite and siderite.

As we want to keep those as top-tier resources, we are balancing their drop around the world, and moving a significant part of it to mentioned abandoned mines events. Those events are risk-reward ones, requiring some more activity and work to be rewarded with high-tier resources. You can expect PVP action around those spots, so, be careful!

Adding such events will greatly help regain the stability of the metallurgic resources market and increase the worth of magnetite and siderite. There are 12 mines scattered around the world, so best of luck in finding them all!

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added unique reinforcement chests to VoD maps and newly added Abandoned Mines. Happy treasure hunting!
  • Introduced three new cosmetic skins: Dynasty Protector’s Tiger Sword for one-handed swords, Dynasty Protector’s Guan Dao for two-handed axes, and Dynasty Protector’s Dragon Shield for light shields.
  • Introduced festive consumables: Firecrackers and Sky Lanterns. Those consumables will spawn special, temporary festive effects.
  • In the Supporter Shop, you can find special discounts on all Dynasty Protector’s cosmetic skins.


  • Fixed an edge case issue where further events were not starting after any previous siege event that was completed before the five minutes mark.

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