Green Hell Update Patch 1.5.1 Adds Co-op Mode and Hotfix on April 9th

Developer Creepy Jar has rolled out the newest Green Hell update version 1.5.1 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Following the arrival of the co-op mode feature yesterday in version 1.5, Green Hell creator quickly released the latest update to cope with the issues. The new update mostly covers the fixing of minor gameplay concerns. In addition, it also includes a hotfix for the low FPS and more. You can check the full update changelog below.

Green Hell Update 1.5.1 Patch Notes (April 9th)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Bowl icon appears in crosshair after a certain action.
  • Fixed – Icon of meat stays for Client if the meat is taken from the slot/fire burns out before the meat is cooked.
  • Fixed – Charcoal Furnace progress stops for the owner if away before finishing burning.
  • Fixed – Left analog stick not working on PS4 Controller.
  • Fixed – Crash when Tribe stomp on a Host Spike Trap he dies only for a Client.
  • Fixed – Crash for Host when Tribe Patrol spawned near Bamboo Bridge.
  • Fixed – Bamboo bow model gets duplicated and fliped after checking the smartwatch.
  • Fixed – Crash when walking around at Anaconda Island.
  • Probable fix for low FPS.
  • Probable fix for – Player can spawn at Tutorial location and stay there.

Green Hell Update 1.5 Patch Notes (April 8th)

This update was released yesterday and it marks the arrival of the co-op mode in Green Hell.

New Features

  • Cooperation added to Survival Mode.
  • Cooperation Mode – up to 4 players.
  • Players are able to help other Players who passed out.
  • Turkish language added.
  • Player is able to take leeches off from the Co-op’s body.
  • Game is saved on Host’s chosen Slot.
  • Players can now respawn after death in Co-op Mode.
  • Items are dropped on the ground upon death.
  • Co-op loses sanity when other Player in the session dies.
  • Player will lose some of the health after respawning.
  • Campfire and Stone Ring are now built with 8 Stones and 4 Big Stones instead of 12.
  • Logs and Long sticks no longer despawn.
  • Pot removed from 1 location. Now present only in Cartel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Slots in constructions are lost if the player uses “insert” from expanding on an item that is in another slot.
  • Fixed – Partially completed ghosts of Mud modular constructions were not cut off by Roofs.
  • Fixed – Bowls are lost if under Water Filter/Collector destroyed by Player/Tribe.
  • Fixed – Unnecessary collision on Roof ghosts on Sheds.
  • Fixed – South American Rattlesnake’s collision elevates Player during the attack.
  • Fixed – Spearman can attack Player through Mud Roof.
  • Fixed – Wound slot in inspection does not turn green when aimed at with Bandage/Dressing.
  • Fixed – Pot in Cartel is sometimes under the Grill instead of on top.
  • Fixed – Liquid conflict when adding dirty water to Mud Water Collector filled with rainwater.
  • Fixed – Lab tent in WHA Camp has trigger on Survival mode.
  • Fixed – Top stick in Doorways is easy to miss when building them.
  • Fixed – Construction can be built inside Frame Wall/Roofs if their ghosts were previously snapped to a higher floor.
  • Fixed – Death hint when Player dies with Insomnia is missing.
  • Fixed – Large and Small Planting Box had a collision on ghosts.
  • Fixed – Tribesmen spawned to burning fire attack Ayahuasca Cauldron and Hammocks.
  • Fixed – Improper animation of shaking off Bees.
  • Fixed – No Bow stretching animation for Hunter.
  • Fixed – Bamboo Frame ghost has different rope material than finished Bamboo Frame.
  • Fixed – Most items from stack thrown out from inventory don’t get dropped in the same place.
  • Fixed – Dryer changes scale slightly after the ghost is completed.
  • Fixed – Ignited Torches return for a moment to a vertical position after the player stops blocking.

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