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Gunfire Reborn Update Patch Notes on July 10th

Duoyi Interactive has released the newest Gunfire Reborn update to address some of the issues in the game. The new patch has been rolled out today, July 10, 2020.

In the previous update, we have seen some improvements with the quality of life. However, since the last patch rolled out, some Gunfire Reborn players were experiencing several issues in the game. The Gunfire Reborn update which has been rolled out today is expected to fix some of the confirmed issues.

Check out the details release notes below.

Gunfire Reborn Patch Notes – July 10

Interface UI

  • Optimize the UI notice of using portal to enter the next stage in team mode
  • Optimize the interface of dual-wield
  • Optimize the performance of the invincible state duration after revival
  • Optimize the feedback of the monster’s HP bar when it is being attacked

Other System

  • Optimize matching system: If you enter the room through matching, you can only start the game when everyone is ready

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that you may open an empty chest in the vault.
  • Fix the issue that the option “Give a Occult Scroll” of Golden chest won’t show all currently owned Occult Scrolls
  • Fix the issue that there is a description error of Occult Scroll “Deadly Counter”
    Updated description: Deadly Counter: After taking damage, all hits will become Crit Hits within 3s
  • Fix the issue that actual effect of Occult Scroll “Coin Shot” is inconsistent with the description
  • Fix the issue that revival sign still exists even though players are already revived
  • Fix the issue that there is an error of countdown at the end of each stage in team mode
  • Fix the issue that there is an error of text in audio and archive interface
  • Fix the issue that dash is not smooth in 144hz monitor
  • Fix the issue that Rogue Arsonist may slide during the patrol
  • Fix the issue that the explosion exhibition range of Elite Henchman and Yaksha of the Seas is inconsistent with the actual range
  • Fix the issue that Ichthyosaurus Offspring may freeze in team mode
  • Fix the issue that players may be stuck in some locations in Anxi Desert
  • Fix the issue that some boxes in Anxi Desert may hang in midair
  • Fix the issue that there are some model glitches in Duo Fjord
  • Fix the issue that once players revive themselves with Soul Essence, they can only see their arms and can’t move
  • Fix the issue that if host exits the game, other players may be stuck

Source: Steamcommunity

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